22 thoughts on “New Cover”

  1. Yes – rather embarrasingly it does look a lot like a 'Johnny' truck. I have pointed this out, but the cover is otherwise really good and it's a bit too late to change it.It's just something I'll have to live with (and hope for a second printing so I can redeem myself in the eyes of my workmates).

    See how easily I can sell my soul for a chance of some money…

  2. Really good cover, sure to sell by the palletload! Good on you chap. BTW you still haven't put me off joining my local firm (Westcountry, God help them).

  3. Ooh! Amazon have it discounted to 3.99!*Cue mad rush to Amazon.co.uk*I can see autographed copies going for quite a bit more on Ebay somehow. :)Great stuff.

  4. oh yes I absolutely insist on having mine autographed. I'm afraid your just going to have to organise a book signing event

  5. the ambo back looks like some of the county Renault Master ambos i seen up here, the same outside body layout as SJA trucks.But to the general public, its white got reflexive strips, blue light and has ambulance written on it. so to them its an ambulance.

  6. Hmmmm,Worryingly I know exactly where that ambo came from….. Nope, it's not an up country one. Yep it is a Jonny Crusader.

    Please do not panic though, I am not some sad git who spots ambos for a hobby……

    I just happen to be the person who took the photograph!

    Congrats on the book and I really do think I should qualify for a signed copy!

  7. It's looking really good! Just nipped over to Amazon and placed an advance order – can't wait for it to come through 🙂

  8. Have just pre-ordered your book from Amazon – looking forward to it and good luck with it all.Who would you want to play you in the movie??!!



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