Free Ticket!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm heading into Kings Cross to watch Adam Kay (of sweary London Underground song fame) and 'The Rise and Fall of Deon Vonniget'. They are both previewing their Edinburgh shows.

I have two tickets, and no-one to go with.

(Sad, I know).

So – If you can make it to the Kings Cross area tomorrow for a 19:30 show, and would like to see them, send me an email. I only have the one ticket and the first person in my Inbox will get it.

Update: The ticket has now been snapped up.

8 thoughts on “Free Ticket!”

  1. I'm to late then! Can't you give the ticket to the one who must travel the farthest. So, I live in Rotterdam (Holland) and yes the orange has come off, don't worry. And no, I am not afraid off meeting you, oh lord (I'm bowing).

  2. I'm hopefully going to see them at the festival up here if I can get a day off work. Let me know if it will be worth it!

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