I'm sitting on standby next to the Thames, waiting for someone to fall ill (or fall over on a Sunday football field). As I sit here I've been watching canoeists paddling up and down, and am terribly jealous.One of the things I've always wanted to do is boat up Regent's canal, I can only imagine the sights you could see.
Instead I'm sitting, sweating and dreaming.
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  1. why don't you? Not while you're on duty, but you know, on a day off… it must be arrangeable.Meanwhile be glad that your job can involve sitting in a car which I presume has some sort of air conditioning or at least a fan, by a river, people-watching and posting to your blog, while still getting paid. I mean you could be working in a factory or a basement or a kitchen and hating it.

  2. Oh indeed. I thank my luck every day. What made it even better is that for the first time *ever* I only had one job during the shift. I even rung up Control to make sure that they hadn't forgotten about me…As for actually doing it…

    …lets see…

  3. Look, if necessary I'll come to London and guilt-trip you into doing it by going “oh, but you have the physical capacity to do it, I wish I could go out in a boat…” and look pathetic at you.Seriously, you shouldn't ever ever look at something perfectly possible that you'd like to do and then not do it, cos trust me, if you end up in a position where you *can't* do it, it will drive you f**king NUTS.

  4. Hi – if you'd like to paddle the Regents canal come along to Regents Canoe Club any Monday or Thursday evening and your dream can come true. Mostly we don't find anything too nasty in the canal – but we do have to watch out for the local kids, who occasionally amuse themselves by chucking stuff at us. Fortunately they're crap shots. If you can make Monday 24th July I'll take you out on the canal myself, as I'm a member and on 'duty' that evening. Lots more info on the website. Like your blog, another kayaker mentioned it on a kayaking forum. Cheers – Ian

  5. Think you should take a look at this thread!

    If you really want to have a go – then – GO for it – reply to thread!

    And then check this thread out:

    The world is your oyster! If you like oysters that is.

    From the Thames it only gets bigger and better:

    From little acorns big oak trees grow:

    See you on the river/sea

    H – x (Helen M)

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