I Had The Hump, But Now It’s Gone

I *think* I've fixed the whole 'render everything in black' and 'don't show the comment box for entering new comments' bugs.
My fingers are now crossed that everything is alright as it's a right pain to work my ambulance job and then come come and work a javascript debugging session.

I am well aware that people do this for fun.

I am not one of those people.

(Although I do enjoy mucking around in C++ occasionally).

I particularly dislike things that go wrong for no apparent reason. If I change something and break it then it is only to be expected, but these problems have seemed to occur due to random changes in the bedrock of reality. Ho-hum.

I'm still pondering how difficult it would be to move this blog…

As a public service announcement, can I ask all parents/guardians to please keep a close eye on their children during this summer weather. The local ambulance crews have had two very nasty incidents involving children in the past two days.

10 thoughts on “I Had The Hump, But Now It’s Gone”

  1. I'd not been able to find a login link anywhere since hulver fixed the comments, but now it's all happily working for me.If only I could remember all the important and insightful stuff I was going to write.

  2. To be honest, out of consideration for the people involved I'd rather not go into much detail.Hope you understand.

    Basically it involves kids being hit by cars and very seriously injured.

  3. thanks for the public safety announcement ..Could you expand a bit ?

    [concerned father of 2 1/2 yr old & 11 week old]

  4. err yeah, cos I wouldn't have thought of keeping a close on my kid without being told to do so, this summer or any other time.

  5. There's always the alternative approach which was taken by the non-resident mum of the child of a friend of mine.-take child out for day

    -apply sunscreen to areas of child not covered by full outfit

    -leave child strapped in buggy to gently cook, er, I mean keep him safe for whole day while she has fun with friends in the park

    -be surprised when child gets severe heatstroke

  6. If you were moving the blog, you want to do it in time to get the new web address in the book (which might already be too late)

  7. Tom, not related to this post, but can't write a comment unless I “reply” to one posted. Think your comments things are playing up again/still.This comment relates to the post about a choking. Not all jobs go so well. Yesterday a friend of mine who also works in the ambulance service was sent to a 3 year old child choking. He was on his own on the ambulance as he was “driver only”. There were no crews to send to the job, which had become a cardiac arrest by the time he arrived. The child's airway was totally blocked with a large piece of sausage. The closest ambulance was at least half an hour away, so he had to persuade a policeman to drive him into hospital, attempting to continue CPR on the way in. Unfortunately the child did not survive. Understandably my friend was pretty shaken up and was going to take the rest of the shift off when another cardiac arrest came in for the FRU. Knowing that the closest ambulance was still over half an hour away, my friend kindly volunteered to jump on an ambulance with the FRU guy. It turned out that the job was a 30 year old, choking. Again, her airway was totally blocked and they could not get any response from her. Sadly, she too died.

    My friend was then able to go home. I think he too earned his wages yesterday.

  8. Comments seem to be working for me and a few others – it might be you have a cached version of the page.Sounds like your friend had a really shitty day. And you are absolutely right – he earned his money, even though the outcomes were bad.

    I'm sure he'll get support from his workmates after such a run of jobs.

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