Police Trauma

In the ambulance service we often require the help of the police. Sometimes it's to protect us if we are heading into a dangerous situation, sometimes a job that we go to will require crimnal rather than medical aid. Often we will be sent to a victim of an assault before any polce are able to attend – they have the same problems with manning that we do.
Sometimes an accident scene is so volatile that we need the police to manage it for us while we concentrate on the injured person. If we are dealing with a seriously injured person then the last thing that we ned to be concentrating on is a big crowd of people.

The Law Is A Donkey has a sad post that highlights the role the police have to play in these situations.

If you haven't come across this blog before it's written by a police officer in Camden, not too far from where I work. It's on my bloglines subscription as the author writes an excellent tale.

I've got to admit that we don't often 'worry' about the police, we expect that they are as prepared for the horrible sights that assail you as us ambulance people. Sometimes it's easy to forget that they have very little medical experience and that the things that we see as being a minor injury can look rather scary.

So from now on I'll try to be a bit more mindful about what the police get to see.

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