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  1. Hhhhm. I watched that all the way through thinking 'Any minute now an irate parent will storm into the room and tell him to turn-that-racket-down-how-many-more-times-and-for-christ's-sake-develop-some-musical-taste.

  2. Agreed. I also get sent this one recently (at first thought it was the same guy) and I think he's even betterwww.siliconeswamp.co.uk/video/canon.wmv

    (listening to him envioulsy whilst eyeing up dusty guitar in corner and wondering how long I'd have to practice to play like that)

  3. Assuming that what we're seeing is real (anyone know anything about the vid?) that's one big fat dose of talent.Just occasionally you get see someone with a real talent and it's sooooo depressing !

  4. Beautiful!Pure 70's Krautrock.

    Reminiscent of 'Sylvia' but I can't remember the name of the band.


  5. Sylvia ? – Twas Focus and one Jan Ackerman who I saw still playing a few years ago – blinding fast.

  6. Thanks, Luc. Of course, it was Focus, and they were Dutch, weren't they? Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer. It's all coming back now. Great stuff!

  7. I dunno. I give you he's technically more precise but maybe just a tad clinical? The kid's has more feeling, despite a couple of bum notes.

  8. Only 5? I've had the thing permanently open since Friday night and every time there's cr*p on the telly (most of the time) I play it half a dozen times running. My neighbours will soon be able to play it too! 🙂

  9. Well OK I've been playing it on my iPOD and to people at work , oh and customers , oh and the postman at work this morning.Damn you Reynolds haven't you heard of efficiency in the work place ?

  10. It's FunTwo playing a COVER (I'm trying to make a point here) of JerryC's Canon Rock video. JerryC arranged and played Canon Rock, and posted a video of it to Mule.co.kr. Sometime later Funtwo (who is a member of Mule.co.kr) posted a copy video, and this was uploaded to YouTube where it went on to get 8 million hits. JerryC is the talent behind Canon Rock, and Funtwo gets all the credit because people don't know the full story. JerryC's version is the original, and superior. Funtwo, doesn't even have the best cover video out there, although it's pretty damn good (for a copy).
    The Original JerryC video = http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8590308394895590930

    JerryC's Offical Website = http://www.jerryc.tw

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