Things That Make Me Want To Go Stabby

VDU warning

After posting such a nice post about the lovely people in Newham it was perhaps obvious that when I got into work last night I’d hear about some not so nice people.  Such is karma…

Some of my station workmates were parked at the hospital on Wednesday night booking a patient in.  Someone broke into their ambulance and stole the sat-nav monitor (which won't work as all the actual electronics of it are buried deep in the motor itself).

They also stole a drugs pack with little else in it besides some paracetamol and some vials of adrenaline.  So keep your eyes open for someone with a fast heart rate running around Newham with sachets of Calpol in their pockets.

What this means is that we will have one less ambulance on the road while it is getting fixed (the whole dashboard was pulled up).

Also that night there was a strange man walking around the station at 3am. He stole some cigarettes and when challenged replied, “You're open 24 hours ain't you”.  He then acted threatening towards one of our female crews before leaving.

Shame I wasn't there…

Once more it’s the complete disregard that some people treat us underpaid, overworked ambulance staff who do our job because deep down inside we want to help folk.  I wonder if they care that they are robbing the community of an ambulance.

I suspect that they don’t.

10 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Want To Go Stabby”

  1. Last Saturday was one of the rare occasions I saw Casualty (the TV drama).The was one shot of some youths spray-painting graffiti onto the side of an ambulance parked on a housing estate.

    The “new paramedic” was watching this and didn't say anything to the kids about it – he was more interested in heroically saving some kid, or so the storyline went.

    What sort of example does this set to kids around the place?

  2. Last night some little sh*t sprayed grafitti on the bonnet of our new ambulance whilst on a job. Thank God for alco-gel, it got the whole lot off!!!

  3. In the past couple of weeks, I have seen 3 different ambulance crews get out of the ambulance, and go into a house / hospital, and leave one of the windows of the cab completely open.Now, I know that in theory this shouldn't matter.. but I did wonder how long it would be before someone stole something from one of them.

  4. I think this story is very sad because its not a one off. Why do people do it I wonder? Unfortunately it might be because the Ambulance service(s) are seen as fair game.

  5. Sat-nav was stolen from our motor outside a job the other night – vehicle was locked. Day after another truck was broken into on station and had the sat-nav robbed too!

  6. Thieves and drug addicts don't pay the considerable taxes that support ambulances. Sad but true. They leech off the rest of us, then steal everything that's not nailed down and some stuff that is.

  7. I don't know, they probably pay tax on booze and cigarettes. Now me, I'm the sort of scum that doesn't even do THAT, I've gone and put preserving my own health above chipping into the tax pot. No useful contribution whatsoever. Ok, so I don't steal satnav systems either, but I just keep taketaketake-ing from the resources – benefits, everything the NHS can provide, prescriptions, mobility equipment, social services…What kind of an evil “leech” am I? You should probably take me out and shoot me.

    Thieves is one thing. “Leeches” is another.

    (just got up, feeling rather ranty)

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