6 thoughts on “Minimalist Blogging #2”

  1. It's a cliche to say that the death of an elderly person who's led a full and happy life is less tragic than, say a young child. But I remember the moment that my parents told my grandmother that my grandad had died. I suddenly realised that she had lost the man who she had woken up next to everyday and had never been more than a few miles away from for the past 50 years… and I realised that that's as heartbreaking as it gets. Fifteen years on, she's living life to the full and I still can't work out how she survived the loss. I can't imagine being that strong.

  2. Sad, but to be honest it may give him comfort that he was able to be with her when she left this life. Better that than in some un'care'ing home, or on her own.Life sucks sometimes, no, in fact most of the time


  3. Honesty is good along with reality. This is what happens in reality. So, if you choose not to think about it, when reality hits, either you, people close to you, or complete strangers to you … it will have some sort of impact …. mmmm maybe not if you choose not to think about it …. mmm

  4. Many thanks from another olde sod, that is not ready for the hand over. It is nice to know that thee have empathy, though we may be in our dotage, we still see ourselves out of these portholes as 17 something not 3 score and ten and counting, Unfortunately the pallor and the rust that requires more than WD40 give the game away.Thanks for being there.

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