Not With Your 10 Foot Pole

You know you've been doing this job for a long time when someone mentions that your patient is a heroin-smoking, weed-puffing drug addict who funds her habit with prostitution – and you don't blink an eye.Maybe it's because I'm used to working in Hackney?
Like all the prostitutes I've met, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. Heaven knows the sort of people who are so starved of sex that they would consider paying good money to have sex with them…
However there is one advantage of working in this area – I keep bumping into a very pretty paramedic…
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7 thoughts on “Not With Your 10 Foot Pole”

  1. Lets face it, we join the job for the nurses, and the other uniformed female staff. Its surpising how fit some of them look in uniform, when they dont out of it!

  2. I cannot see how any prostitutes make a living because all men claim that they would never touch one. The misogynistic headlines about Heather Mills in today's red tops are part of the same mystery. This woman was, apparently, very nice and friendly to men, and yet they all hate her. Reminds me of Cher's song `Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' ..and every night the men would come around and lay their money down.Prostitutes know what the transaction is, they don't hate their clients. But nowhere do we see male hypocrisy better demonstated than in their hatred of prostitutes

  3. Oh please, stop generalising, you're as bad as the men you hold such a grudge against.”But nowhere do we see male hypocrisy better demonstated than in their hatred of prostitutes”

    So every man is just dying to go out and hire a prostitute? Gimme a break.

  4. men don't *all* want to hire a prostitute, but they're not *all* opposed to the idea, even if they are very vocal about how trashy it is.I've been offered money to have sex with men before. I've always turned it down, and since it's generally been online the person has been blocked… there's been three reasons.

    1) they don't have the time or wish to develop a relationship and want something completely no-strings, and feel that handing over money will help make it less emotional and more of a business transaction.

    2) they knew I was in pretty dire financial straits and “I want to help you, I hate knowing you're struggling and I'd love to make it easier, but I'm not going to give away something for nothing, you know?” In other words, they figured that to make me sell my body would make them a Good and Charitable Person. (???)

    3) I'd turned them down and it was their last ditch effort, but to my horror they were serious.

  5. I've seen the rough, street walking, drug seeking prostitutes, and wondered what man would pay for that. Then I took a harder look at the men that frequent those areas, and thought, “Ah, well, yes.”The ability to fantasize has got to play a huge role in this transaction.

  6. er, what was that about generalising ? So, anyone who questions what men do, must therefore hate them ? Sorry I've only just got back to this, have been backpacking around Europe with the same sweet man I've been married to for 30 years, we've fetched up in Amsterdam this evening, and no telly or radio here, but a lovely wifi connection so glad we brought the laptop. Before I became a grey nomad (that's posh for pensioner) I taught women in prisons, many of them for various reasons you cannot imagine, had been forced into prostitution. Long before that I was a teenage unmarried mother, and I remember very well the way girls like me were regarded, spoken to and treated.Even though I'm not one, it pisses me off when people attack whores. Most people have no idea the kind of pressures some young women have on them, and because it's so easy, because you don't expect anyone to stand up for working girls, you think you can get away with it. Just thank your lucky stars you have never been that desperate.

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