Rioting And Waiting.

Aparrently there are near riots in the Canary wharf area.Today I have been working alone on the FRU car.
I've just spent an hour and twenty minutes sitting on scene with an 86 year old woman waiting for a 'real' ambulance to take her to hospital.
Why so long?
Because all the ambulances were dealing with (presumably) drunken rioting idiots…
(It's also typical that the one time I work outside of my normal area we get the 'fun' of rioting…)
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

8 thoughts on “Rioting And Waiting.”

  1. So is the rioting from football fans? I used to live on the Isle of Dogs so it is probably Millwall fans! I have the utmost admiration for what you guys do. I am a teacher and my hubby is a police officer so I feel like we are in the trenches together, although your job is probably more stressful.

  2. They chose to get drunk, get into a fight and pay the price. Let them lay there. Let their mates deal with it. These characters aren't victims, they deserve what they get.I have worked with them. They come in bearing the marks of a violent night out. Some come in still drunk from the night before and try to pick fights with fellow employees. The point I can't understand is why they persisently do this knowing they're going to get a smacking. What mentallity makes someone act in a fashion they know they'll regret later? They're just too thick to learn.

  3. I don't know too much about london's demographics but i thought canary wharf was full of posh, rich people called tarquin and nigel who tried harder at school than i did. how do they riot?”I say old man but you've bally well scuffed my brogues!”

    “bring it on you blighter! If you're looking for a sound thrashing then I'm the chap to give it!”

  4. oh, maybe they've not caught up here. i got hit by a leather bound filofax thrown from a porshe the other day.

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