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I've just discovered a new phrase that the police use – 'TACAU', which means 'Treat All Calls As Urgent'. It's used to 'flag' an address so that if there is a 999 call from it they run there as quickly as possible.In this instance it was because a young man decided to beat his mother-in-law over the head with a broom before threatening to kill other members of the household.
Everyone was rightly concerned that he might return to the house to make good on his threats, which is why the policeman in attendance flagged the address.
The mother-in-law had such a swollen cheek her face was twice the normal size.
Back when I was an A&E nurse I would have put her somewhere quiet so that she could try and relax, especially because she couldn't speak English and her relatives were still at the house dealing with the police.
Unfortunately the nurse in charge was a little less sympathetic and put her out into the waiting room. So I ended up leaving her looking upset and confused, surrounded by people she couldn't understand. While it might have been the 'clinically correct' thing to do, I wouldn't have thought it was the right thing to do…

In totally unconnected news, there seems to be an awful lot of people frequenting the local mosques today – something to do with a demonstration in Forest Gate perhaps?
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  1. Yup; there's some controversy over protests about the Forest Gate raid. There was/is some plan for a protest this afternoon, but the family at the centre of the raid have let it be known they don't want that to happen. They're trying to organise a cross-community demonstration for Sunday week.

  2. Looks like there is less than 100 people there – despite the demonstrators leafleting the mosques after prayers…We have a lot of moderate Muslims around here.

  3. Apparantly the family had their request that people not go to todays demo read out at Friday prayers at most/all of the local mosques, so it would be hard for anyone to be leafletted without having heard that. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the one in just over a week; it looks like the family are pretty upset (which seems fair enough), but want to hold a more moderate line, hopefully they'll be able to pull it off. Also, by a week Sunday, it's quite likely that the two arrested men will be out, so they'll be able to attend their own demo.

  4. They're out already. It seems the police haven't found anything.I'd love to know what the intelligence was that prompted the raid. Clearly they thought they were on to something.

  5. If the rumours that I've heard are true, then saying that they have found 'nothing' is wrong. But it doesn't look like they have found what they were looking for, namely a chemical bomb.As I say, with the exception of a few s**tstirring journalists Newham is pretty much unchanged.

    Seeing the leaflets though, it's like the miner's strike/poll tax/anti-hunt brigade all over again, people blaming the police for responding to the actions of others (Thatcher/Thatcher/ and Hunters), in this case nutty bombers.

    I think the people of Newham would rather have a few police raids based on 'good intelligence' rather than a cyanide bomb going off next-door.

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