I am currently feeling like death warmed up – and it's all my own fault.
Here is the thing… I've just finished a week off work. Convinced I would be coming back to a series of nightshifts, I spent the last few days off gradually retuning my bodyclock to 'night'.

Then I looked at my duty rota, and found out that I'm actually working 12 hour dayshifts.

Because of this almighty bugger-up, by the end of my shift I'll have had one hours sleep in twenty-eight hours.

Today's work will be brought to the people of Newham by the power of Red Bull.

Still – hopefully it'll be a peaceful day….

2 thoughts on “More…Caffeine…Now…”

  1. The response from the Batsbed is”oooooOOooooh!” (with wincing face and sympathetic overtones)

    “oh bollocks… ouch.”

    You have the sympathy of a girlie who has a condition which means she's tired all the time, and a bloke who often and sometimes unexpectedly finds himself on 24/7 callout for work.

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