McDonalds Killing The World Sim?

Hugely off-topic for an ambulance blog, but I think that it can do with publicity outside of the usual suspects…

It’s a McDonalds employee who runs computer scenario so that franchise managers can work out how to get more profit.  When they added a realistic climate model the simulations started to end after running for 15–150 years.

They started to end because of societal collapse due to huge climate change.

His suggestions to fix the problem are great, but I’d be surprised to see them happen.


If half of what he says is true, and the simulation is correct – then it’s rather scary reading.


Found Via Wonderland

10 thoughts on “McDonalds Killing The World Sim?”

  1. Hmmm – if it is, then Wonderland will lose my respect because they claimed to have someone at the conference taking notes.Unless the speech itself was a hoax in the first place…

    But see how quickly the suspicion has also spread through the blogging world – 'self-healing' stories.

    Much faster than you'd get in print/TV news.

    Either way – it could be interesting…

    Oh – and cheers for the heads up.

  2. Yep, fake I reckon. The Logo isn't right and according to MelbourneIT the domain is registered to some guy called Marc Cohen in Illinos and hosted out of Italy. . .no mention of Maccas anywhere. Shame. . .but I don't honestly think cows are the biggest part of the problem

  3. The fact that they spoke at a conference makes me think of the movie 'The yes men'. It's a documentary about two guys who created a fake WTO website and succeeded several times at being accepted at small conferences or managers meeting. They made speeches defending outrageous free market ideas, sometimes very bad taste, but they were almost never questioned.Interesting movie.

  4. I call bullshit. There's no way an “interactive training game” would contain an environment model as accurate as that. Climatologists don't have models like that.

  5. Yeah, BoingBoing says hoax too. Harrumph.I thought, “WOW. They used a supercomputer and figured out what I've known for years. Better late than never.” Except that it was too good to be true, I didn't think it was a hoax, because the reasoning is rock solid. That's exactly what is going to happen if the McDonalds of the world keep doing what they're doing. I just thought that with the help of a couple of supercomputers, they'd finally seen it. Ah well. With beef tallow for brains, I shoulda guessed no amount of supercomputers would help.

  6. That's pretty much what I was thinking, not to mention the computing power that would be required for running a simulation like that anyway, even if one existed.

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