Being A Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger for longer than I can remember.

Some time ago I took down my blogroll in order to give it a clean through, maybe add some Javascript to make it do wooshy things, and then put it back up.

Unfortunately, but if you know me personally, perhaps inevitably, I forgot to put my blogroll back up.  This means that with the exception of linking to blogs within specific posts, I’ve not been linking to other blogs.

Part of the whole reason why blogging is such a breath of fresh air is that it fosters a community.  Without links each blog is an island.  When I gave my talk about using your blog as a measure of your identity I neglected to mention that the blogs that you read/link to are part of that assessment that a reader makes of you.  As an example – if I were to link to the BNP, Combat18 or other far right/racist sites you’d have a different view of me than if I were to link to

Kent Newsome writes extremely well on linking within blogging, talking about people who really should know better who have decided to stop linking.  These people want to ‘wall off’ their section of the ‘blogosphere’* in order to protect their power.

So the Blogroll is back up – I’m going to try and limit it to twenty entries (otherwise I think it just gets unwieldy) – it’s a subsection of my Bloglines subscriptions.


Now – despite my head feeling like it is going to explode and some rather worrying sudden deafness, I’m going to take a look at the report on the July 7th bombings.



3 thoughts on “Being A Bad Blogger”

  1. You link to cuteoverload and I put you in for psychiatric evaluation!Ah, you have…

    (PS – you ever get the bastards who did that to your car, I'll hold them down while you give them that anatomy lesson… Maybe you could demonstrate the story of the man who did pull-ups over a broom handle….)

  2. The 7/7 report, the world according to 'Casualty'. That's the one where you all charge into the tunnels and not worry about roof collapses or chemical agents or live rails. Maybe it made no difference, maybe the delays cost someone but no ambulance crew died. That seems a good day at the office.Perhaps more criticism of the b*&^%ds who brainwashed these young men into becoming bombers.

  3. I would put a list of blogs I read up on my blog – except at the moment I have a severe case of angry trolls. I get more abuse along the lines of “I hope you die, you [blah blah blah, blah blah blah]” than actual comments.I've turned on comment moderation, so at least it only gets emailed to me rather than being published on my blog. And it's just one or two trolls who are persistent and followed me (and others) from somewhere else rather than the whole world being out to get me.

    Blogger won't do anything, despite everything it says in their Terms of Service about Member Conduct, so for now I'd prefer to protect the people whose blogs I read – some of whom I regard as friends – by not advertising their URLs to the morons.

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