A Change Of Scenery

I’m going to spend the next couple of days with a friend in Liverpool – so blogging may be a bit lighter than normal.  But I may put some pictures up in flickr.

After all, anything outside the M25 is a foreign country to my mind…

When I come back I’m going to fix the obvious thing on this blog that marks me as a bad blogger…

10 thoughts on “A Change Of Scenery”

  1. maybe while you're up here you could have a dry run for all the book signings you're gonna be doing when your book is released. Find a nice pub and let us all bring along our Ross and Wilson's.

  2. Can I be the first to guess?Is it links? Updating your blogroll? Or is it filling your sidebar with lots of ads?


  3. well said.The boyfriend and I just spent a few days in Manchester – I spent the final night sleeping in a nest of towels in the bathroom of our hotel suite after getting food poisoning from a chinese restaurant in the Trafford Centre.

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