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We have had our noticeboards on station cleared – we are to use a new method for receiving information from the strata of management above us.

So our notices now go in a folder which is updated every week, while the noticeboards are to be used for specific information.

Someone has come around our station and put up these nice new signs…

We had a manager who was well known for two things – laminating things and poor spelling.  They have since moved on to pastures new, but i think they may have left the ‘Health & Saefty’ sign for us to remember him by…


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  1. Haha! Some people are sooo stupid.Presumably a typing mistake – but it would be so easy to quickly read what you've written before hitting Print?

    Anyway, I thought that Health And Saefty is what ambulance work is all about…

  2. Nothing so bothers me as misspellings done up officially.Reservoir spelled, resouivrer, laminated, and under glass.

    Lacatated Ringers on official charting. (Lactated.)

    Sloppy, inattentive, unwilling to double check, yup, these are the folks I want in charge of me.

  3. Lamination is the work equivalent of producing revision time tables. It produces the satisfaction of having achieved something, without actually having to do anything.

  4. In praise of London Ambulance Service!Today in uni I listened to a presentation given to us by a man with a learning disability, it was about his job washing ambulances in one of the local stations. He loves his job and is providing a useful service, it was interesting to hear about the partnership and something which works!


  5. From experience most managers have a 'if a pile of figures doesn't solve the problem make the pile bigger' attitude.

  6. So let me get this straight.They employ someone who is perfectly capable of washing ambulances to wash ambulances. Good. Clean ambulances are preferable to filthy ones.

    But because he perhaps wouldn't be capable of doing an office-based or medicine-based job instead, a song and dance should be made of how he's been given a job?

    That's not disability equality – that's just patronising.

    *this may be an early morning rant

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