A Warning

Dear ‘Opiate Addict’,

     Just a quick letter to give you a warning – especially if you are in the East London area (although I do not know how far the distribution of drugs stretches).

     It appears that there is a batch of illegal opiates on the streets of East London, what is unusual about this particular batch is that I believe it to be cut with a little less chalk/rat poison/talc powder than usual.  I can tell you this because my friends and I have come across a number of regular users of these substances who have overdosed.

     Signs of an overdose include a reduced desire to breathe, purplish lips and ending up being buried in a cemetery in a wooden box called a coffin.

     As a suggestion – if you desire to inject/smoke opiate based drugs, try a little less than you normally use, and make sure that there is someone ‘straight’ to watch over you.  If your rate of breathing drops below ten breaths a minute they should call for an ambulance.  Tell the caller not to worry, the ambulance service and the hospitals don’t involve the police.  If they wish, just ask them to leave the door open before they run away.  A note pinned to your chest may also be useful.

     Try not to vomit.  It just makes a mess.

     I would also ask that when we revive you, try not to attack the ambulance crew for ‘ruining the buzz’ – trust me, we only do this if we think that you are about to die – at least you know that the rest of the batch you have may last you a little longer than expected.

     Keep safe out there!



               A friendly ambulance person.

15 thoughts on “A Warning”

  1. this was already on the list of Things I Don't Understand.Not the addicts, I get where that's coming from after a fashion, but the dealers.

    I mean it's rubbish business sense, if you can get away with watering down your product and increasing your profit margin, to not do so… and it's also a bit stupid to kill off your client base.

    Gah. People.

  2. I often think that circumstances like this help the call for the legalisation of drugs. But then pissed up kids on Saturday night make me think otherwise. Do you have a view?

  3. Legalise them all. Regulate the supply, distribution, price and quality. Cut out the criminals. Just think of the revenue that's being lost. Billions a year. And more countless millions of the taxpayers' money being swallowed up by the criminal justice system dealing with the victims of this plague.It's scandalous, I say. Scandalous!

  4. This is interesting because I posted a similar warning following an influx of an extremely potent mixture of heroin and several other drugs including fentanyl. Here's the link to my post about the Mid-Atlantic, U.S. outbreaks.Overdose Outbreaks

    I like your take on this with your letter to the addicts. Well done!

  5. I don't think they intend to make it stronger than normal but thay aren't really working under laboratory conditions when they cook this stuff up…

  6. Drugs, alcohol and other similar substances may be for idiots in your mind. However, at least Tom has a realistic approach to the whole stituation.We cannot govern individual external circumstance which can very often result in these addictions …. makes shopping seem harmless, yet some of us know that that's not the case.

    How's the prooof-reading Tom?!


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