To answer a comment…

Yes I will be doing my traditional ‘sit around my mum’s place to watch and laugh at the Eurovision song contest’ – It’ll be a bit different for me this year as I won’t have access to alcohol in order to numb the pain.

I shall also be at a Eurovision party in Second Life.  I may be wearing something UK based…

A Schoolgirl uniform in honour of our entry?

11 thoughts on “Eurovision”

  1. Now thats just wrong….I intend to hide away from Eurovision. Maybe some beer and a film. I don't see what all the excitement is about!

  2. RE: that picture of the schoolgirls. It looks like the lad in trendy pre- and partially-fade jeans wet himself.Sadly I'm in the US this week and will miss the chance to drink with friends piss myself laughing at Eurovision this year. Note: Be sure to catch Iceland's entry, Sylva Ntt.

  3. Unfortunately (sort of) Iceland did not get into the finals this year.Finland (homeland represent!) however did make it, with the all powerful (and hilarious) Lordi! I'm definitely going to be rooting for my home country this year. I forget who I supported last year: I was drunk.

    The Terry Wogan commentary is rather legendary…

  4. God Bless Finland… their entry may actually make this year's contest worth watching 🙂

  5. hmm Reynolds in a schoolgirl uniform …. almost tempting enough to make me enter second life once more ….. nah, mind you if you could throw in some added extras .. like dancing on the table to spains entry I might just suffer the lag. :o)

  6. I actually fell off the sofa laughing at Lordi in the semi-finals on Thursday. If I vote for anybody, it's likely to be them!

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