How To Stop Me Posting…

You may take the silence of the rest of the night in one of two ways…
1) I was asked to move to a station so far out of my area that no mobile phone signals reached me so I couldn't post. Also I did jobs so interesting that I didn't have any time to write stuff.


2) There wasn't another 'single' ambulance staff anywhere in London so I was able to have a nice sleep on West Ham's sofa.

Hint: I'm rubbing sleep from my eyes.

There are a couple of options tonight, all of them involve me working – so I shan't be getting paid to sleep anymore.

I'm not really looking forward to tonight because of what is happening later today and because of where I work.

I work at 'West Ham'.

Later today the football team 'West Ham' are in the FA cup final (sort of like the UK version of the Superbowl for any Americans).

It looks like it will be a warm day. The pubs will be open – and showing the Cup Final Match. I suspect that there will be (as a friend of mine would put it) plenty of chance for police overtime.

In addition ambulance manning isn't at it's best.

Oh well…

Of course – now I'll probably get nothing but babies with runny noses while two streets away there will be running battles between two groups of drunk football hooligans – something that we have a long and valued history of in this part of town.

4 thoughts on “How To Stop Me Posting…”

  1. Liverpool won, I gather, by the fact that a whole bunch of people are singing “You'll Never Walk Alone” from their balcony.Just like to say, you're keeping me hooked on your blog when I should be studying for my membership exams. Damn you and your funny stories.

    Keep us posted with regards to your book. I'd be happy to contribute towards your pension fund.

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