An Unpredictable Random Act Of Reality

My crewmate's knackered ankleWell… That's the last time that I try and predict what will happen in a night.
For a change it's not me that is injured, but instead my crewmate.

We had just returned to station and as she climbed out of the ambulance her foot caught in a hole between the kerb and a dip in the grass, I looked over and saw her rapidly disappearing from view.

To be brutally honest, both myself and the FRU driver's first action were to… *ahem*… 'make fun' of my crewmate – that was until she told us how badly her ankle hurt. A quick examination under the darkness of night told me that the best place for her would be the A&E department.

So I drove her, in her own ambulance, back to the A&E we had just left.

Our Duty Station Officer met us there, discovered what had happened and left her in my capable hands as he drove off to deal with a crew that had been assaulted.

My crewmate was seen quickly in the A&E (perks of the job you see) and x-rays were taken of her badly swollen ankle – thankfully nothing was broken, although the prognosis is that her recovery will take 2-6 weeks.

I'm going to drive her home, then come back to station and see if Control has found someone to replace her.

Oh well – it was nice having a regular crewmate – if only for a little while…

10 thoughts on “An Unpredictable Random Act Of Reality”

  1. And they mess up a night of carefully planned blogging too. How does it happen on the very night we expect to see a dozen entires? Is there some rival blogger who's…

  2. I hope she's beter soon. Please pass on best wishes from the Tube Dude – you may have to explain this one to her.I hope that you wont be to long on your own either, Tom

  3. oh tom now you've done it. I can see the “foot fetish website” message board now: “Hey guys! log on to random acts of reality NOW! there's some hot ambulance chick with her feet out! SWEET…”

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