I have just felt a surge of rage.Some *%^$! just told us to F-off just because we dared approach his crossing point on blue lights and sirens and expected him to wait the second it would take us to pass.
Somehow (don't ask how) I managed to avoid jumping out and punching him in his gobby mouth.
…and breathe and relax…breathe and relax…
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

11 thoughts on “F-Off”

  1. I once had an old man hit the side of the ambulance with his walking stick because I dared to go past him with lights and sirens on, and then there was the cyclist who waved at me to move over as I was driving down a narrow street lined with cars…..

  2. Meh, easy. Just wave him across, let him get halfway & floor it. Either way – I don't think he'd do it again, f'you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  3. i was coming up to this pedestrain crossing a while back with the lights on red and some old duffer trundling toward it on his little dalek type mobility scooter. I had the lights and sirens on so i thought, “sod it he'll hear me” and caned it through the crossing. it wasn't till my shaken crewmate described the look of terror on the old boys face that i realised he was deaf too! hahahahahahahahahaha!

  4. Maybe he was lonely. Only someone with no relatives, no friends and no-one to care for could be certain that you weren't on your way to save their lives and he could cuss in confidence.Maybe he has a sixth sense, nature's way of compensating for the lack of the other five.

  5. Did you get his registration details? I'd be happy to do the gob-punching for you when I get home!

  6. If you had stopped before the “hahahahahahahahahaha!”, this might have been a better comment. Deafness and physical frailty aren't funny because the person didn't choose to be that way. I wonder if the old “duffer” had a heart attack later which Tom's colleagues attended?

  7. if i had mean that with any degree of seriousness then i would not have been doing this job for so long. he made it safely to the other side of the road and the only heart attack was the man i driving to, with a wizened old rv driver vigourously compressing his chest at that very moment.

  8. They should give any “blue-lights” special dispensation to knock over twats like that… without warning… grrrrr

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