Because of my incoming bandwidth woes lots of folks are donating money via the ‘Donate’ button that is down the bottom of the sidebar to your right.  First off I’d like to thank all of those people, it’s much appreciated and will make the financial hit I’m about to take that much easier.

Some people have asked why I don’t move the donation button a bit further up the screen and make it more obvious.  Maybe it’s time to break out those good old *blink* tags…

The thing is…I don’t like asking for money, it has never been an intention of mine to make money from this blog.  The whole ‘money’ thing is perhaps a little embarrassing. 

(Although if I could charge £1 a year to each reader, I’d make more than I do driving around picking up drunks…)

So the donation button will stay small and hidden away – and if you want to send me some money I’ll be grateful for it, but I won’t be asking for it.

13 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. Hmm…maybe I should put an embedded .mid file up here – I'm betting a lot of people will have forgotten how to stop those *expletive* things from playing on a loop.Ahhh… Happy days, blink tags, animated .gifs, embedded .mid files and a law that you need /H1 text in purple…

  2. I have happily given the bandwidth fund 2. keep uk the good blogging. tell us when the books out, cant wait to read it.

  3. Holy mother of God – not the blink tags!Count me in for money – just don't use the blink tags on me!!

    Someone, somewhere, thought they would be a good idea to include in html. There is a special corner of hell waiting for that special person – and they richly deserve it.

    All of the very worst web sites in history share two special features: a bizzare & crappy repeated wallpaper background and something blinking. I'll just leave it there – before the ranting really kicks in!

    Just remember – no bloody blinking!!



  4. Just a thought – but given that this website will be an extremely effective advertisement for your book, why not ask for a little assistance from the publishers?

  5. A long-time reader here, just coming out of the woodwork to make a small contribution to the bandwidth fund… And as a bonus, not only do I get to find out your real name, I'm get to have a (soon-to-be) published author on my credit card statement : )

  6. hey there, why don't you try moving to the hosting company I use 75000 Megs of disc space and 600GB yes you did read that right! for 6 quid a month – I was struggling with the same problem since my tolkien site and these guys fixed it! Thanks for all the posts! drop me a line at toomanyairmiles[at]gmail.comand for gods sake make it easier to leave a comment

  7. I was thinking about this on the way home, you can to url rediirection from within the body of a page using the refresh tag – it's horribly invalid but it does work:

    So that should solve the redirection problem. There's a great little xhtml CMS system called sNews available from which is literally one page, and while it isn't as powerful as wordpress or the like it'll do what you need it too. Combine it with a template from Domain names are pretty cheap and bobs your uncle you have cut your hosting bills to 6 GBP a month!

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