If there is one thing that will rub me up the wrong way on the job, it's 'gawpers' – more so if they insist on providing not so helpful advice.
A case in point – yesterday I attended a call to a young lady who had suffered an epileptic fit in her hairdressers. Now epileptic fits are not pleasant things to have happen to you, and it's embarrassing at the best of times. Often you can vomit or become incontinent. You can injure yourself if you fall over onto something hard and when you do stop fitting your behaviour is often bizarre and aggressive.

All in all, what you don't want is twenty people standing around the door of the shop staring at you and pointing and talking about the patient.

Nor do you want members of this crowd kissing their teeth and commenting that the ambulance staff who are getting their equipment from the motor should “hurry up”.

When a certain ambulance person tells you that you should leave the area as it isn't a public circus, you really shouldn't get arsey with them.

It's just a damn shame I had to look after a patient rather than have a blazing row with some jumped up girl who thinks it amusing to mock the defenceless patient.

Breathe…and relax…breathe…and relax…

It's why, when in a public place, I always try to get the patient in the back of the ambulance as quickly as possible, you have just got to love our tinted windows for patient privacy.

(Once I did have a teenager push his face up against one of our windows to try and see inside. A quick bang on said window with an oxygen cylinder soon stopped him and gave him a sore nose into the bargain).

I had a look at the changes to 'Da Book' suggested by the copy editor – all of them help the posts work better as a book rather than as a series of blogposts over time. Things seem to be happening really rather quickly at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Gawpers”

  1. “some jumped up girl who thinks it amusing to mock the defenceless patient. “Hear a great one liner from a fellow SJA Bod as they past a girl doing the same “her rugby playing phyco boyfriend coming” the girl legged it sharpish.

    now if the roles where reversed she would not like it, i think bystanders mocking a defenceless patient should be a arrestable offence.

  2. I agree. Gawping, and mocking, definitely mocking, should be punishable offenses. A close relative of that asinine stuff is the rubberneckers at road accidents. They contribute nothing useful themselves, they probably make the accident victims feel bad (the conscious ones, at least), and they slow down the traffic so that real help can't get through. That's another one that I'd make a punishable offense. (Bit hard to implement, but nothing some satellite transponders and GPS locators in every car couldn't solve….)

  3. there are just some people who get off on attacking the vulnerable.However I've got to put my thumb on the scales at this point and say that in my time as a “vulnerable adult”, I've encountered way more nice and helpful people – people who hold doors, people who offer to help carry my tray in a cafe, shop assistants who go the extra mile, passersby who notice I don't look well and ask if I need help or to call anyone – than I've encountered the idiots who yell abuse from van windows or snipe about how [insert word for disabled persons] are a drain on the taxpayer.

    Likewise I bet for every person going “ooh” at the epileptic girl you were attending, there were several walking by thinking “poor girl, none of my business”.

    The insensitive (and sometimes inhuman) idiots exist, but they're outnumbered.

  4. An ambulance dog unit! thats the answer! just get an RRU with the rear seats and equipment pulled out and stick a viscous looking dog (or six) in the back. when you get the slack-jawed masses giving you grief its a simple “yeah control, we got a loada scrotes hanging around… RELEASE THE HOUNDS!” Fella on the RRU turns up and the scrotes scarper sharpish. Just gotta get the right dogs. I hear that the dogs used in prisons are the ones too aggressive for the police dog training. We just want a few dogs too aggressive for the PRISON dog training… Yeah I like that.

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