New Crewmate (Which My Spelling Checker Wants To Change To ‘Cremate’)

For the past few days I have been…

a) Working (With absolutely no jobs of any interest what-so-ever)

b) Sleeping (And for some reason my body wants to sleep for thirteen hours each day)

c) Studying (For possible ‘promotion’, but there are so many obstacles in the way I’m not too hopeful)

Consequentially I’ve had little time to blog, and little to blog about apart from some big subjects that need a proper look at rather than a half hour stream of consciousness type.

However there is some good news – I have my new crewmate!  I no longer turn up to work wondering where I’m going to be sent to work, nor wondering who I am going to be working with.  Today was my first shift with them and I had a whale of a time.

Job One was to a patient who refused to talk to us except to demand that we took them past one A&E to one further out of our area.  I wasn’t even told why I was called.  He rated an 11 out of 10 on the annoyance scale.

Then we chased around a number of garages trying to get our ambulance fixed – I believe that it is the oldest motor in the fleet.  It frequently breaks.

Job Two was to a woman who had been punched in the face by her partner, who had then stolen her shoes.  The police looked after her.

Job Three was a lovely job – a woman with mental health problem had thrown petrol over a community policeman, she had then locked herself in her flat where she threatened to set light to herself.  We were sent to stand around and look pretty in the sun while the police pulled her out and arrested her and the fire service unrolled and re-rolled some hoses.  To be fair it was a well controlled situation which entertained the locals and annoyed the patients social workers who thought that it was ‘a circus’.

Still, at least she didn’t set herself alight…

Job Four was to a lovely little old lady who was found confused and wandering down the main street.  Luckily for all involved we discovered her identity, and so she just had to wait in A&E for a little while for her relatives to come and pick her up.  She was lovely, smartly dressed, pleasant to talk to and completely batty.

One of those little old ladies you just want to hug.


I may revisit one of these stories later – it depends on how much time I have over the next few days.  I live in hope.

On ‘da book’ front, I have the copy-edited version to have a look at, which will no doubt take a couple of days.  It’s a bit tricky having two jobs (and an addiction to World of Warcraft) to deal with at once.

18 thoughts on “New Crewmate (Which My Spelling Checker Wants To Change To ‘Cremate’)”

  1. Can people really do that? Summon a big white taxi, give no explanation of why, and demand to be taken to the A&E of their choice?

  2. No, I'm not going to tell you what's wrong! I demand you take me to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary!Cheap way of me travelling round the country

  3. '…Job Three was a lovely job…'Mmmm – let's hope the MH services help this woman, as you have Tom.

    We all react illegally and strangely when 'off our head' by whateve r means – drugs, alcohol, illness.

    However, we all also have to take responsibility for our actions. The latter is difficult if one is ill.

  4. Spell checksLovely aren't they?! Bring mirth at times, and frustration in the main. Turn it off and use an old-fashioned dictionary!!!!


  5. doesn't it have an option for “Add” so it adds words like “spellcheck” and “crewmate” to it's dictionary as custom words?

  6. Yeah that's what I was thinking”Hello, how can I help?”


    “What seems to be the problem?”


    Then patient is willing to walk to the ambulance

    “23 XY street please”

    Saved a cap šŸ™‚

  7. so far as I'm aware they can do that. but i usually like to rush them out of the house without a taxi fare, confirm their home address, then take them to the furthest away hospital…

  8. Dont worry, I think everyone in the whole world (mostly) is addicted to WoW. Which server are you on (not that I'm planning on stalking you or anything – just interested!)

  9. Lovely lovely Warcraft, I have spent so much time playing that game.Also, I work in a bookshop and I'm looking forward to getting your book in and putting it in a lovely prominent place so we sell loads!

  10. “…She was lovely, smartly dressed, pleasant to talk to and completely batty.One of those little old ladies you just want to hug.”

    Now that's what I call a Friday morning Smile šŸ™‚ luvit Ta Tom

  11. He was annoying – he had some actual real medical problems and if I stood around arguing I would have only wound myself up some more.

  12. Superb!(Of course, I'll also be wandering around putting my books in more prominent positions..asking the staff how they are selling and doing other nerdy author stuff).

  13. For Alliance I'm mainly Earthen Ring, but I've recently discovered the joy of the Horde on Scarshield Legion.(Some of this info is in the 'How to contact me' bit of this site.)

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