Wild Geese

An absolutely easy shift last night.  One patient was a little old man who was “not right” and had “vague eyes”.  His wife was terribly worried about him, but I suspect that there was little seriously wrong with him.  We then got sent to a two week old baby with a flaky scalp.  Once more a nice an easy job, where we didn’t even have to carry the patient.

Then we were sent to “54 year old male with chest pain”, the call had come from a public telephone box, so I wasn’t too surprised when we received the update “Patient has been drinking”.  The area is a local haunt of our homeless alcoholics – there are public toilets, a nice churchyard to hide and sleep in and a number of off-licenses to buy their cheap tramp-juice.

Both ourselves and the FRU spent some time driving back and forth trying to find him, with no luck.

We got back on station before being sent on a similar call in the same area – I suddenly had a brainwave.

“I bet it’s John Smith”, I said, “He’s an alcoholic homeless guy, normally as good as gold, but he calls us when his hostel kicks him out for drinking”.

We got an update – ‘Patients name is John Smith’.

Once more we chased around the area looking for him, at least this time I knew who we were looking for.  Once more he had given us the slip.  I’ve never known him to act like this.

Still – next time I see him I’ll have a little word in his shell-like…

6 thoughts on “Wild Geese”

  1. Hide and Sleep – sounds like a new version of an old game for the less energetic amongst us. :)Although I must say it's come to something when a job involving a two-week old baby includes whether or not you had to carry the patient!

  2. Tramps need their juice. Some try to get off it. Some die. Some get looked after by you Tom.Good.


  3. flaky scalp? bet it was a “red”were you met at the front door by the parents screaming “DOCTOR! DOCTOR! THE BABY AINT BREATHIN' PROPER!” then you walk in and find fifteen members of the extended family running round the house screaming while the baby babbles away happily to itself, alone in the front room, flattered by the attention?

    Scrotes. they're the same everywhere…

  4. '..there are public toilets, a nice churchyard to hide and sleep in and a number of off-licenses to buy their cheap tramp-juice.'I think I know that area (with two major banks and a library?) – it's about 10 mins away from where I live 🙁

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