Stopping The Boozing

For those that are interested – I’ve recovered from about a month of near terminal email failure.  So if you have emailed me in the past month or so – don’t be surprised if you suddenly get an email in your inbox.  The problem has now been fixed.

On 22nd of April at 23:59 and 45 seconds I had my last alcoholic drink for 1 year and a day.  It’s something I occasionally do – give up alcohol.  This will be the longest ‘fast’ so far.  The reasons are many and varied, but include…

  • I’m getting fat.  With a beer belly.  This is easier to do than that thing called ‘exercise’.
  • I have a bad memory – if I have two pints then I may as well write off any hope of remembering the night.
  • Alcohol is a depressive – I don’t need any more help in unblancing my ‘bad brain chemistry’.  I have more reasons than ever before to be happy – there is no need to wreck it now.
  • I’m always moaning about drunks – time to remove that bit of hypocrisy from my life.
  • I’ve found myself having a drink after each shift – this is not good.  It might be alright for others, but experience tells me that for me this is a bad idea
  • Bottles of soft drink and water are cheaper than beer.
  • I have a bad memory…hold on…Didn’t I just…oh…yes…
  • For those in the know – I’m aiming for some inhibitory gnosis.

Tomorrow I shall hopefully be having a little day out – I’ll let you know more on Thursday if I manage to wake myself up a 7am in time for the charabanc…

Apart from tomorrow I’m working pretty much continuously for the next fortnight.  My sense of humour may fail at some point during this period of time…

19 thoughts on “Stopping The Boozing”

  1. I was always really impressed with a lad I knew at university, who simply stopped in his second year. When I asked him why, he said with great candour “because it makes me a c**t”. There was no one defining incident, or health worry and he didn't feel any sort of dependancy, he simply decided that he didn't like the person he became after booze and stopped.On the flipside, I know someone who is really unpleasant after a drink. However, because she doesn't drink every day and can go for weeks without a drop she refuses to accept that she has an alcohol problem. She just seems to accept it as the way things are, even as she is phoning people to apologise the next day.

  2. I was developing an ulcer, told not to drink. Stopped for five years. Gradually reintroduced it into my life as an occasional treat. And anti-anxiety agent.My spouse is not a drinker, had never had a drink, no appeal for him, and he is used to be constantly harassed by the wife of a friend to 'have just one'. And other folks as well. He eventually started saying.

    “Oh, I'm not a SOCIAL drinker! … (mutter mutter) Just me and Jack Daniels in the basement…”

  3. I don't drink, and I find it a very useful way of detecting idiots. People who have a problem with me not drinking are not people I want to be around. And if I'm at some do where I have to be polite to people and the issue comes up I just tell them I'm a Buddhist (which is pretty accurate) and that usually shuts them up.Failing all that, I suppose you could always pour the drink over their head. Ought to stop them 🙂

  4. Well done for you! I wish more people could make desisions like that! I havent touched alcohol since my sixteenth birthday when i had several too many and threw up! I didnt see the point in making myself ill, so I quit, though some people have been “really funny” and slipped alcohol into my drink since then….not funny. To say the least.So good on you Renolds, hope you manage your year and a day! You might never want to go back to it! hahahaha!

  5. Im not really bothered about booze. last time i had a drink was 4:08 6th of september 2003, it was the toast at my wedding. and i have just not bothered about drinking since.Its much more fun watching your mates make complete tits of themselfs, and if i got a camera even better.

  6. Good decision Reynolds. I noticed some years back that if I drank (just normal, social amounts…not falling down quantity) on a Friday and Saturday, then on Monday I would feel unaccountably depressed. Being prone to depression anyway, stopping drinking altogether was a good thing. I don't get that any more. I just 'went off' it. I found that suddenly I didn't like the taste any more after a bout of salmonella and I've never wanted it again. People do have very odd reactions to it though. They can either assume you've had 'a problem', or they think you have religion, or they try ridiculously hard to persuade you back into the 'club'. These days I just say I don't like it any more which is the truth, but at first I had to plead antbiotics as people just couldn't understand it or take no for an answer.Good luck and enjoy your Mondays!

  7. Another way to give up is to have a serious illness: I contracted Lumbar Pneumonia in July last year (CRP was 300 to give you an idea of the severity) but recovered after 6 weeks of excellent care by the NHS.A side effect of this event is that I've gone off alcohol – I used to have a drink every other day as I way to chill out after a hard day's work; now I only drink socially and very rarely – I don't feel “I need it” anymore.

    On the other hand perhaps it was the number of alcoholics I saw in hospital that put me off…who knows?

  8. why do they do that? Every bleeding time? At least it's easy to spot, since they're drunk and therefore sniggering at your spiked drink before you've had a sip.I'm not condoning drug use, but it's another thing where cannabis users have the edge on drinkers. If I'm at a party and a spliff comes past and I say “no thanks” it just gets passed to the next person, no worries. But if someone, whether you know them or not, offers you a drink and you say “coke please” you get the third degree, and sometimes an indignant “I'm not buying you a coke! I'll only buy you a proper drink!” and a branding of being weird/a killjoy/whatever.

  9. I've actually been officially labelled immature by the social alcoholics at university, Kinda struck me as ironic as they chose their alcohol by whatever you can get the most of for a tenner! Oh well, even if I'm immature, I can afford to eat…every other day *grumble grumble bloody student loans grumble grumble*

  10. On the other hand … whilst I applaud all of the above for finding the inner strength to do what they want to do – I drink. (And to be honest would probably find it hard if someone said 'you can never drink again- ever.') Sometimes too much, sometimes I make an arse of myself. Usually enjoy a good larf with mates. Don't drink every night/shift/day. Don't feel the need. I've always believed that the morning I wake up and think 'I need another drink' is the moment to stop. I wake up and think ' I need tea.' What I definately don't want to do is one day find myself sitting in a puddle of my own piss, in a crappy council nursing home, really wishing I'd enjoyed myself before it got to this. Yeah – I can hear folks now – 'you don't need drink to enjoy yourself. I do. I enjoy it. I enjoy being a tad drunk. Never been an antisocial drunk though. Ah, well. Just thought I'd balance the scales!

  11. mate, if you want to drink, you go ahead! You're an adult and if you enjoy it – and enjoy it responsibly, without hurting others or doing damage to yourself – do that! Hell, I would!I think the posters here are letting Tom know that although non-drinkers are a minority, he's not entirely alone. Because non-drinkers DO get hassle and pressure off friends and families, coworkers, friends-of-friends (and the world and his dog sometimes) for their “strange” decision. Our culture can't deal with it.

  12. I gave up early hours of March 25th this year, apart from twice having a sip from someone's drink for dry throat.I already suffer from severe depression and alcohol can make me feel much worse. There are issues in my life at the moment which would make it very easy to use alcohol as a crutch and aid for survival. I removed the alcohol to remove the tempation.

  13. I have a really hard time picturing you losing your sense of humor. But I'm sure it would not be a pretty sight.

  14. Good luck with the abstinence!Personally I've never seen the attraction of getting pissed – three pints is about my limit, and then usually only once a month or so at meetings. I think my attitude comes from being from a teetotal household (apparently my grandad used to hit the bottle, so my mum made sure that none of her family did) – when I was a kid the only alcohol in the house was a half-bottle of strictly “medicinal” brandy whose level hardly varied from one decade to the next, except to add a little taste to the Christmas cake! I remember being scandalised at school when a snitch reported to me that my (10 years older) brother had been spotted emerging from a pub…

  15. Yo be very Mature, never follow the crowd if their deeds be detrimental to thy health. Would they go over a cliff because lemmings do ?, Yuk. Please thyself but not at the expense of others. Each human be a pleasure seeking mammal, with the ability to see that every action has a consequence, in the future. So why enjoy x amount then ibibe more [volunteer] to get a [Pain] headache and waste thy hard earned monies on some silly sidewalk. Peanuts can be bad for some but life saver for others, Milk be good for some, fatal for others. Alcohol has been around ever since organic foods be eaten. some, it be a poison to the system, for others it be no problem, it dothe depend which dna bits thy have inherited , wether thy start dancing on table tops on one sip or 10 jiggers of best scottish waters. Listen to thy own body, and then enjoy thy life with fun that you doth like.No Two processing systems [from the mouth to thy rectum] of genetic materials be the same. 'Tis why the Media has a field day, saying coffee be bad, then it be beef then it be salt, then coffee be good , chocholate be good – only thy body knows. listen to it .

  16. I used to be married to a guy that insisted he had to unwind every day with a drink or three … and I was considered an unsociable bore if I didn't join in. Its funny how you can come to resent drinking! (except for the occasional bailys just cos I like the taste)Now I'm single I don't miss drinking, and would hardly notice if christmas went passed with out that odd glass of bailys.

    The unfortunate side effect is I get pissed if I chew a wine gum

    Meh! cheap date.

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