Being Lied To

The Patient said that he had been kidnapped.
He hadn't.

He said that the people who had kidnapped him were Serbian.

He then said that they were Bosnians, then that they were “Pakis”.

He said that the keys to his car had been stolen.

When the police searched him, they found his car keys.

He said he didn't know where the damage to the side of his car came from.

There was a matching damaged skip just down the road.

He said he had been walking home.

Other people had seen him driving, they were the ones who had called the ambulance.

He said he only had a drink or two.

He was so drunk, he could barely walk.

He said that he didn't want any trouble.

He had previous convictions from assaulting both the police and ambulance services.

He told the police that he didn't want them involved.

He got arrested for drink-driving

He told us to “fuck off”.

So we did – then he spat at the police

We put one of our 'TB' masks on him to stop him spitting at anyone else.

He smashed his head against the floor in temper.

His hand was causing him pain – but the injury wouldn't cause any lasting damage.

We were quite happy to have him arrested after refusing the ambulance. The police doctor would probably arrange an x-ray and treatment of his hand.

I hate drunk drivers with a passion – I particularly hate abusive drunk drivers who could have killed someone and who have been flagged as being violent towards anyone in a uniform. When he told us to “fuck off”, I was more than happy to open the door to the ambulance and have the police remove him.

For some reason I find it difficult to care about his painful hand.

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  1. I was involved with a drunk-driver a few years back. I was waiting for my friend and saw her hit side-on by someone I had to treat whilst waiting for an ambulance. He wasn't badly injured, but triage and common sense let me treat those who needed more help first, including him. My friend was trapped and died as a result a few minutes later whilst I was treating her.Drunk drivers know what may, and probably will happen. They have no honour and deserve no treatment or respect.

  2. my family were at the recieving end of a drunk driver, my mum had a CVA after been rammed by a drunk driver, who didn't even have the courage to at least stay and assist my elderly parents who were trapped in their car. his excuse for leaving the scene of an accident, he felt intimidated by the 5ft 5 slim build driver who did stop, i forgot to mention that he was 6ft and built like the preverbial out house.seems a recurring theme that they won't accept responsibility for their actions

  3. I have a strict policy of instantly obliging anyone who tells me to fuck off. Whatever their injuries, it's goodbye, end of story. And if someone ever spat at me, well, I think I'd end up getting arrested myself.As for drunk drivers, they need HARSH sentences.

  4. Alison i'm not so sure life is so clear cut for that policythis was a real situation

    man on bus thrown off for abusing passengers… police called, urgent assistance call by the first police on scene put out to restrain man, ambulance called as they now want to section man.

    a switched on ambulance crew, who were taking loads of abuse at this stage, though something wasn't “right” did a blood glucose check. very very low. he was having a hypo

    IV glucagon given, man perfectly civil within minutes.

    not everybody abusing people are doing it willingly

  5. I'm with you on drunk drivers…. hate them with a passion , have seen way to many results, lost one close friend, saw another killed in front of me by a drunk hit and run driver.As far as I concerned, drink drive punishment should be mandatory ten year sentence, removal of licence and car in the crusher.

  6. Fair point, bbx, about the hypos, but someone with a bit of experience can usually tell the difference. For me, the words 'fuck off' translate as 'declined aid'.

  7. In a random aside, I do love the way the talkr system swears. I know I shouldn't laugh, but the synthesised voice actually sounds uncomfortable.

  8. They should bring back stocks and then every morning rush hour for a year or more , be made to use them near an intersection that is well known for auto's kissing each others bum pers, then sent to work then returned for the evening rush hour to enjoy the abuse.

  9. I stopped to assist at a fatal accident about a year ago, a young man had been ejected from a high speed roll over and died. The driver (drunk) was very shocked and covered in his mate's blood. I talked to him for about 15mins till the ambulance and police arrived. Following the case on the bbc web news I found he pleaded guilty and got four years prison. Criminal yes, but he admitted his guilt and took the penalty for it. For those persistent offenders out there I have 'other plans', probably involving barbed wire and a flame thrower.

  10. if you go back to the main post (not the bit with the comments) and at the bottom, near where the comments link is, is a link called Listen to this article, which will take you to a quicktime window and read the article for you. I just love listening to her pronunciation of London names sometimes. Bless

  11. And why is it that the drunk driver always walks away unharmed, when the other people involved are critically injured?Went to an RTC not long ago, head on involving a drunk driver. He got out of his car unharmed but the driver of the car he went into was in intensive care for 3 weeks. Makes me so cross.

  12. ……and that Police Doctor will charge the Police Force around 80 for the call out, plus 80 per hour of duty tending to that moron. Criminal.

  13. BTW you haven't told us about your radio shows yet and it would be great if you could give us a link or something.. please 🙂

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