Idea For Punishment

Nurse who killed two patients and put many more at serious risk.

For the short version of my thoughts (because I’m about to head out to work) – For a trainee nurse who took people to the brink of death…well…  Couldn’t we use him as a resuscitation training aid?  Cause a respiratory arrest in him and use it to teach resus skills to people.

For every day of his sentence.

He has betrayed the trust that nurses enjoy, and I hope that he rots in prison.

12 thoughts on “Idea For Punishment”

  1. his sentencing has been deferred whilst awaiting a psych report, but i wouldn't be surprised if he isn't a munchie by proxy.

  2. it'd be a nicely balancing thought, but we all know it won't happen, because it would be a terrible breach of his human rights.And as for rotting,that's not happening either. Should he so much as get athlete's foot, or a toothache, he won't have to travel for a nurse, doctor or dentist (or worry about finding/affording one), that's part of his rights as a prisoner too. And I'm guessing that with habits like playing around with life and death he'll be on suicide watch with psychiatric assessments and counselling all round, so a rotting corpse is unlikely too.

    He'll probably get offered the opportunity to take up some sort of training and education course or courses to help him improve his chances of getting a job once he's out of prison though, which will make him less inclined to repeat his crimes, apparently. We can all sleep safer in our beds knowing that.

  3. Education in prison. What a great idea. Maybe one day he will graduate as a full doctor. That's highly likely in this country.

  4. What I don't get is… surely he gave up his human rights the moment he broke the law and took away other's human rights by killing them.

  5. If my sister's comments are anything to go by, prison hospital wards aren't terribly bad places to be. In fact, I think she quite enjoyed her time there.I should probably point out she was speaking as an RGN doing a spot of agency work before I tarnish her good name…

  6. Like the idea tom, but wont we have to pay for the counceling after it, know what a maby pamy Uk has now become. even better let VAS (e.g. SJA) have a go at recuss on him, I've never used a AED in anger. it would be a shocking experiance for him.

  7. What do you reckon, mysterious suicide within the first six months of his sentence? Who says we don't have the death penalty in the UK, all it takes is a guard to for a cup of tea at the right wrong moment, and then it's all about “Terrible mistake, tragic, must tighten up on suicide watches” and a bit of sick leave.Cynical? Never…

  8. That's right. The odd thing is that it was reported that the detectives involved in the case consulted with those on the Shipman case for their expertise but I would have thought those involved with the Beverley Allitt case would be more au fait with this kind of behaviour. She is personality disordered and had similar motivation(s). Shipman was not quite the same thing.

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