Now What Can I Moan About?

…are no longer coded as an automatic category A. Neither are maternataxis with supposed “imminent delivery”…

NeeNaw has just made my day.  Of course I’ll still be going to Maternataxis, I just won’t be forced to drive like Sterling Moss to get there.

The LAS are (as far as I know) the only ambulance service in the UK who still go to routine maternity calls.  Maybe…just maybe one day that will change.

10 thoughts on “Now What Can I Moan About?”

  1. This is especially good new in Newham. From experience the biggest families come from those who have joint IQs at the level of a Kit Kat. Imagine it. Not having to tear like crazy to a house where you have to fight your way past a family that have produced a dozen sprogs all under ten. All live on benefits. They have no matresses but all the lastest electronic gizmos. Not having to fight through a mountain of takeaway wrappers to a smelly slag about to shoot another benefit bundle into this world.Bliss.

  2. Re: titleI'm sure you'll find something, darling. 😉

    Also, can I just say how pleased I – for some inexplicable reason – am at being asked to type “fawrk” to post my comment?

  3. HiDon't get too excited there will still be plenty of maternitaxi work, according to the “birth map of Britian” that I watched the other night (BBC 3) Newham has the highest birth rate in the UK!!

  4. I didn't realise that other services were allowed to refuse maternataxis. I thought all ambulance services had to go by the same rules and that they weren't allowed to refuse anything unless it came under the No Send policy (which only applies to people who don't need to go to hospital at all). So why on earth do we have to go if other services don't?! Sometimes I wonder what goes through our bosses' heads…

  5. Sorry, but I'm now abandoning this blog, it has drifted too far from it's initially interesting content.Loading up the front page now gives a perfect summary…

    a post about the turkish eclipse and your Outlook email problems

    a post about your wriitng difficulties

    a (good) post about – HOORAY! – your ambulance related work

    a post about your laptop

    another post about your laptop and Outlook. Oh, and your mums video recorder

    a one line post telling us you're writing a presentation

    a one line post telling us you're giving the presentation

    a post telling us you've given the presentation

    a post with (at last) some more ambulance content… of course it's to tell us it's on someone elses blog. God knows we won't find it here.

    Bookmark deleted.

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