I am a bad, bad person for not blogging more over the last few days.  My only excuse would be that I was preparing for my talk.  And then after my talk I was recovering.

You see – after the presentation I got accosted by a stalker who forced me to drink several pints of obviously poisoned alcohol.  Alcohol has a bit of a bad effect on me and yesterday I just couldn’t face turning my computer on.  Because of this I was only able to wave at Dave Green – I hope he understands that the lure of ‘stalker’+’beer’ is one I simply cannot resist.

Concerning the last post…

The plan was to post that picture from the event, using the Wifi at the Apple store – then at one point during the talk where I ramble on about how to prove your blog is your own I could direct everyone with a laptop to have a look at the picture.

Unfortunately something went wrong so the post and picture were somehow both delayed by 24 hours.

You can download the Powerpoint presentation here, if you are so interested – I’d post my notes but they only really make sense to me (and then only just).

Like the other times I’ve talked in front of a lot of people, I think I started out a bit rough but gradually got better as the talk progressed.  I need a bit more practice talking to large groups of people in a non-“get out of the way, I have a patient to get to” fashion.

The other speakers were excellent, Annie Mole giving an interesting presentation about why you should blog, and exploding some of the myths around blogging.  Inkycircus talked about some of the issues of running an effective groupblog.  Unfortunately Tom Coates was ill, which was a bit of a disappointment for me, as I’d love to see one of his talks.

And thanks to Londonist for letting me blather on – you can read their account of the event online.

8 thoughts on “Post-Presentation”

  1. I am sorry I missed it, if only because I hear you were talking about identity and had used some of the suggestions I made to you at the scoble dinner, when we were quite drunk, around photos in hidden directories, or uploads there and then.Next time we colide remind me about X509 and proper cerificates, not that namby pampy PGP nonsense 😉

  2. Well done Tom.Power point's brill.

    Was unable to make it, but you were in my diary – that's the trouble with external forces intruding!


  3. Hey Tom, thanks for the nice comments about us fellow speakers!How organised to put your PowerPoint online 🙂

    Your speech was more than fine and I think we all had first few minutes nerves and as you say, after a while you go with the flow.

    I can see why you stayed talking to your fellow stalker and thanks for introducing me to her too. I've been a fan of hers for a while so it was great to meet her in the flesh! The booze I had afterwards had some sort of drug in it too that led me to buy a ridiculously hot and messy hot dog outside Oxford Circus Tube. Can't remember the last time I ate one and not sure if it's something I'd repeat without alcohol!

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