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  1. Well, yeah 😉 I like LJ though, I like being able to have all my friend's blogs in one place to read (I have both yours and Tom's RSS feeds piped through) and I like the community aspect of it – I suppose that is more based around your presentation though, so I won't ramble on here too much 😉

  2. I believe you are who you say you are….I think…no, yes I do…You're the dark haired one aren't you?…oh no, the bald one, no wait, the one looking over his shoulder, or are you the one stood against the wall at the back? Oh, I've just spotted you, are you the slightly bored one with the laptop on his knee at the front?What was the question again??!!

  3. I see me! It was a really interesting evening, and I loved the furry things!My bf was amused by the original title, and made this comment about your part of the evening: Tom Reynolds of Random acts of Reality who is a very hateful nerd I suspect Id probably get on with (Original blog title: Why I hate people – plus he was wearing a Warren Ellis hoodie.) who gave us a speech on blogging as identity

  4. Nikki – did you note how Tom also said he hated people with LiveJournal blogs – you had better go into hiding 😉

  5. Ah, but where would one of my presentations be without…A) Pictures of cute and furry animals


    B) A slight dig at LJ users.

    All meant in good humour.

  6. I'm the one holding the camera – and am therefore out of shot (although there is someone who looks a lot like me in the audience).

  7. Um, so the picture proves that at some point in time you've taken a picture of a group of people in a lecture hall . . . . I guess that's proof of something.

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