13 thoughts on “Puppies Vs Cat”

  1. OK , so the question is (and I think I already know the answer)Are you a cat or a dog person?

    My god they are soooo cute

  2. That's very cute. Strange cat though, it was yowling away at the puppies but didn't run away or anything. It didn't look scared or anything. Was it just trying to tell them to bugger off?:)

  3. Aaaaah.Really, judging by the normal progession of internet videos, I was expecting the cat to leap up and engage in a mass clawing session with the puppies.

    Still, it's good to see one you can show to the kiddies and watch them go 'Aaaaah'.

  4. puppies Vs Cats???oh my god you really are going stir crazy arn't you..here have a cup of tea and go have a quiet lie down ;o)

  5. I'm not really a dog person or a cat person, but I identify with the cat in that – lying there going “oh what do you want?”

  6. Cats get pretty used to having dogs around. Dogs, for their part, generally learn fairly slowly that cats just aren't fair game – if you attack, it will attack back and *then* come after you with his mates.Now if only I could get my cat to stop attempting to eat next door's Yorkshire Terrier…

  7. That is so cute!! I am supressing a huge “aaaaawwww!” that I am afraid will kill me….yes I am a sucker for puppies!When our dog was a puppy him and the cat next door used to play together!

  8. Maybe my senses are warped, whilst I thought the puppies and the cat were cute, I found the whole vid-clip sinister … like the puppies were really predatory and the cat really scared.Glenda

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