12 thoughts on “Clean Install”

  1. good luck.. I need to do my pc, but I keep putting it off, because there's so much stuff to back up. I really should do it before something BAD happens

  2. I have backups of that on…Laptop (main working copy)

    Network server drive

    Tabletop computer

    Mobile phone

    USB keydrive

    CF card

    SD card

    (Yes, yes…I am a geek).

  3. And if you are doing a clean install, you might as well partition your hard drive: then your OS and apps sit on drive C, all your data on D.Makes it a damn sight easier to do your backups….

  4. I have never once dared to do a clean install on my computer.Thanks for putting me off doing one for the foreseeable future.

  5. Thanks for the last few entries – your blog remains consistently one of the best I read (and god knows, I hardly do anything else nowadays…).

  6. Backups.Those wonderful procedures for instilling coinfidence.

    Until you do the restore and find the most important files were omitted.

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