Wordy Struggle

When you are writing a blog, if you want to be ‘successful’ then you need to write something everyday.  How you measure success is up to you – pagehits, number of comments left, feelings of satisfaction, or however else you like to measure it.  However, what you write has to be of a sufficient quality to get your readers feeling, or thinking about, the subject of the day.  When writing for print, I would imagine that you have a couple of days to polish whatever you write.  In this way, writing for a blog is much like how I imagine it is writing a report for a newspaper – you have a deadline, you have to write every day and you have to write on short notice.

The difference would be that while most folk speed read newspaper reports without taking much notice of who has written it – This Blog Is Me.

(Which is basically what I’m going to be talking about at the Apple store).

Some days the words just flow off the keyboard – you hardly have to edit the post before hitting ‘publish’.  The ideas come rushing at you and it’s all you can do to slow them down long enough for you to type them.  You lie in bed and blog posts run through your mind.  Every sentence comes fully formed and shining into the world – you reread it and you manage to impress yourself.

Then there are the days (like today) when every word is a struggle, where you go back over every line trying to polish it into some semblance of readability.  There are days when your muse has gone on holiday, so you read through the ‘Post ideas for a rainy day’ file for something that might spark your imagination.  And nothing does.  The blog writing feels like a chore that you’d rather not do.

So what I’m saying is that I have complete respect for those people who can turn in on a daily basis pieces of writing that consistently shine.

Rotten buggers.

6 thoughts on “Wordy Struggle”

  1. yup, I think it's fair to say that I'm not one of those people either. This whole blogging thing is too new to me, and I find myself thinking of things to blog while I'm lurking around uni – but never write the sodding things down, and then promptly forget them

  2. I sympathise deeply. Even though I just write a blog for personal use and I write in welsh (which lessens the possible readers quite a bit) and there is no pressure whatso ever to write weekly without thinking of writing daily, I get the same thing. But i wouldn't like every day to be an insparation filled day because those days tend to be the days when I'm ncredibly busy elsewhere.Anyway, good blog, glad I could comment for the first time 😛 (Ive been waiting for something to say for quite a while….)

  3. Hi – I know what you mean. I'm a copywriter and basically it's my job to sit and write all day (and think). But there's nothing worse than blank page anxiety, when a deadline is looming, and you can't get started. So I just write anything. A story about a bear, whatever I dreamt last night, a recipe, anything to fill that damn space. Something usually sparks of an idea…

  4. Hmmm – not sure I agree with the 'having to write every day' thing, especially now so many people use feed notifiers. Many of the people I read post only a couple of times per week. I stopped my five-times-a-week habit a while back when work got busier and I'm not sure it affected my (relatively small) successfulness.But yes. Hats off to those that keep it going. Consistency is the most difficult thing.

  5. That's the simply superb thing about blogging though. You write what you want for yourself with as many or as few words as you like. If bloggers got paid for blogging by the word or HAD to submit something every single day like journos or copywriters or other professional writers – blog world wouldn't be the fun place it is.As Muppetlord says, no one expects bloggers to turn out some insightful, witty, Pulitzer prize worthy stuff everyday – if they do fantastic and good for them – but I think it's the random every day stuff that makes it seem interesting and real and approachable.

  6. I went through a blog hiatus and didn't post anything for about six months. I felt incredibly guilty, but because my blog is related to my health, I didn't want to sound like I was constantly whining. I then made a new year's resolution that I would write something every day, until I read another blogger (I forget who) who said “don't feel it's necessary to write something every day.” I think sometimes I wrote stuff that seemed inane and pointless, just for the sake of writing something, and I didn't like that.Now that my %&$#ing blog is down (host change thingy, needs complicated perl script) I have thought of a sodding MILLION things to write about…

    I have written them in word, and will publish them, post dated, when I finally get things up and running again.

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