For the next hour or so I’m going to be in Second Life here, watching the Turkish eclipse on live cast.

Until then, can anyone suggest a way to keep two Outlook email clients in sync, similar to the way I can have my emails shared between my home computer and my Pocket PC by using Activesync?

Preferably without spending huge sums of cash on and Exchange server.

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  1. a Simple solution if using pop3 – Go tot the email account settings on both pc's go to more settings and the advanced tab then click leave copy of messages on the serverIf you do this on both machines then you can collect the mail from as many pc's as you like provided this option is set. Each machine collects its own copy of your email

    Just occasionally delete them from the server though!

    It works with most email clients but might have the option in different places.


  2. If you have your mail on an IMAP server, you store the mail on the server (which can have several folders) and allows you to save and sort email however you like. That way whatever client you log in with, it'll have all your emails there, and know which are marked as read, replied to etc.I'm not sure if many ISPs provide an IMAP server – I have one with my university account; you might find you can get one if you get webhosting somewhere.

    This won't sync contacts or appointments – although I believe there are other relatively cheap ways of doing this; contact me if you want more information. stumo

  3. I knew I should have specified POP3.What I really want is an 'Activesync' that'll work on two desktop computers via a network.

  4. I use my pocket PC to do it. You can set it to partner with two pcs, and as long as the stuff from the first pc is on the pocket pc, then everything's synchronised 🙂

  5. I Guess it depends on how much you want to spend. Fasthosts has a deal at 9.99/month for a hosted Exchange account with access via PDA (push email), a free copy of Outlook 2003, Web Access, Pop3 and IMAP. There's a free 30 day trial, assuming you want to move from your current Email hosts. More details at

  6. 120/year seems a bit steep, you could get a fully hosted domain with IMAP, POP and a dozen other features for that. Wouldn't include a copy of Outlook though, but Tom doesn't need one it seems (and I'm a thunderbird fan).Tom – if the reason you want it to be POP is because of existing email accounts, there are programs that'll automatically fetch POP and put it into an IMAP folder; with one of those running on your server every 5min or so, you would get what you need. Also gives the option of webmail viewing the same account.

  7. Simplest way is just to set both Outlook clients to access the same mailbox via POP3, and set them both to “keep messages on server, delete after 7 days” (options are in Tools, E-mail accounts, View or change e-mail accounts, select the account, hit change, hit “More Settings”, select the “Advanced” tab.Personally, I have three computers (work, parent's computer, parent-in-law's computer) all set up to “keep messages on server”, with no expiry time, and my main home computer set to delete them after 7 days.

  8. One fiendishly cunning solution might be to store the Outlook files on a USB flash disc — that way you'd always be carrying your email with you, and it'd never actually be sitting on one or other of the computers… 2GB flash discs are about 50-60 pounds at the moment; 4GB ones are available for about 100 pounds — and of course you could use the flash disc for other stuff as well.

  9. That is indeed cunning…I'm going to try the product – but if that isn't right for me, then I'll definitely use this idea – Thanks!

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