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Just a few things to get you caught up on some of the things that have happened/will happen before I write a ‘proper’ ambulance post.

  • I’ve had the dreaded lurgy for the past couple of days (which is why my blogging has been so light).  I could fill you with disgust about the symptoms – but I’d rather draw a veil over them and just let you know that I’m finally managing to cough up huge gobbets of green mucus at the moment.
  • However – this illness comes at the right time.  My mum and brother are heading on holiday in the next few days, so I’ve taken a week of annual leave in order to housesit (or rather video record ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Doctors’ everyday for my mum).  They are having a couple of days in Toronto, a day in Niagara Falls and a couple of days in New York.  Any suggestions for must see things would be gratefully received.
  • As this holiday coincides with my week of off-duty, I have a whole fortnight off work.  This will make me both happy and bored.  While I have a few ambulance stories stockpiled, you may notice me going a bit ‘off topic’ occasionally.  I’d just humour me if I were you – I bite when I get upset.
  • I have new business cards.  They are a lovely shade of yellow and have one of Hugh’s cartoons on the back.  It says “This city is killing me but what a glorious death it is”.  The message just seems…right.
  • This Thursday I’m meeting up with a friend for drinks and curry in the Brick Lane area.  If you want to come along you are welcome – just email me for details.
  • I’ve been asked by the nice people at Londonist to take part in a multi-blogger talk.  It’s on Wednesday the 5th of April at the London Apple store starting at 7pm.  I’ll be chatting for twenty minutes or so on “Blogging as Identity – real and virtual”.  also there will be the lovely Annie Mole, the always interesting Tom Coates and the “I’ve not heard of them before – but they are the newest addition to my RSS feeder” Inky Circus.  You can get more details about it here (although I’m guessing that the Londonist chaps haven’t seen my Flickr stream…).
  • I’ve just gotten the ‘blad’ of Da Book.  A ‘blad’ for those who don’t know (and I didn’t know until I was told) is a short sampler for an upcoming book.  It’s kind of rough and at a quick glance there are a couple of things that need changing, but…  It’s really weird to see things that I’ve written actually on a page, in a book, with a cover and everything.  It’s still strange to think that a jumped up taxi driver can get a book published.
  • I’m currently listening to The Shortwave Set with it’s sublime “Repeat to fade” (You can get a smaller, but better quality video clip at their Myspace page).  I’m trying to get this out of my head…
  • Erm…  I think that’s it.

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  1. Oh thank you sooooo much mr reynolds…. I have a 500 word essay to write for my open university exam, I have four quotes for web sites to configure, two websites that need urgent updating and 25 emails to answer … and all I can think of is THEY'RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!!!!! Damm my serial link clickynessoh and err enjoy the house sitting/time off :o)

  2. Niagara – the Falls, obviously: take a trip on the Maid Of The Mist, which goes almost to the base of the falls – they WILL get wet, but the plastics macs they give you are very stylish.From what I remember the last time I went to New York, the views from the top of the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. There will probably be a long queue for the latter, unless they go first thing in the morning, and there are a LOT of (narrow) steps to get to the viewing chamber (which is surprisingly small). Also Trump Tower, all gold with an indoor “waterfall” feature. You can also get tours around NY on ex-London double decker buses. There is a Naval museum on a pier at 12th Avenue (I think), and you can explore a WW2 aircraft carrier (USS Intrepid) and a nuclear missile submarine, amongst other ships.

    Shopping for electronic gadgets is fun. Just remember that, although the prices will be cheaper than here; a) being tourists they will get stiffed on the cost of “must have” accessories, like rechargeable batteries; and b) if the Customs and Excise spot these items on their return to the UK they will get hammered for import taxes.

    There used to be a really good restaurant below ground level in the Empire State; remember that American portions are huge!!

    Whichever NY airport they will be flying in to (even Newark), consider booking a car to meet them and take them to their hotel (and for the return flight). It's a lot less hassle than getting a bus transfer. They should be able to do this via the internet or through the hotel they will be staying at, and hiring cars (even limos) in the States is a lot more reasonably priced than here.

    If they haven't been to the States before; one of the first things they should do is go to any bank and get some change – 1 or 2 rolls of quarters ($10 in a roll) should do. Also, absolutely EVERYONE expects a tip (usually around 15% of the bill).

    Hope they have a great time.

  3. Re: things to see in New York City.It may be trite, but one of my favorite views of the whole city is from the top of the Empire State Building. I never get tired of it!

    Also, one of those bus tours, Gray Line or what-have-you, would be good for seeing a lot of things quickly over a short period of time. Then they can decide what they'd like to go back and see more. Hope this helps.

  4. As a former resident of Toronto and current resident of NYC, I've got lots of suggestions. In Toronto: Casa Loma (DO NOT SKIP), Queen's Quay, the downtown architecture around the House of Parliment. NYC: Empire Tower-absolutely!, Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Natural History, both off Central Park (also a must see). Depends mostly on what they're interested in. Feel free to contact me for more info: heathere3 @ optonline.net .Heather

  5. Hi there.. :)When in Toronto, they should really take a walk through Yorkville, a cute and ever so trendy shopping neighbourhood. Seriously overpriced, but window shopping is still free there, I think. There are lots of yummy restaurants and places to stop for a tea.. one place I could recommend for lunch is Cafe Nervosa. Excellent pasta, great wine list and if they sit on the 2nd floor they can look out of the windows and people watch. Within walking distance from there is the Royal Ontario Museum which has tons of treasures. Down the street from the ROM there's the Art Gallery of Ontario, and our Chinatown is fun to walk through, and since it isn't summer yet, the smells aren't overwhelming. It can get a bit fishy.

    I will also mention CN Tower. There's a glass floor to walk across and there's always Lazer Tag if they're feeling adventurous. *big grin*

    If you'd like any other suggestions, feel free to contact me and I'll try to help. I hope they have fun.

    Take care,


  6. tell your mum and brother to have a burger at a Lick's Burger joint. they can find one on Yonge St near the Eaton's centre.It. Will. Change.Their. Lives.

    Go to Niagra-on-the-Lake. Much prettier than Niagra Falls and they have some fine vineyards that they can sample lovely Canadian wines at….

    all this is making me homesick….

  7. Might try and make it along to the talk at the Apple store – it's about a 10 min walk from where I work, but I'm potentially meant to be shooting a gig down in Hammersmith…. will see what happens with that!I'm a pretty infrequent commenter on here (although I've been reading religiously for about the last year), so you probably haven't got the first clue who I am, but I think I'd recognise you from the various pic you've posted, so if I do come down I'll try and say hi….

  8. Oh I know who you are…you keep leaving your webcam on…But more seriously – please do come and say 'hi', I love putting faces to login names. If only I could get you all to post little pictures of yourselfs up (other than the gratuitous pussy shots I got a couple of weeks ago).

  9. Lick's burgers! So perfect.. the Guk is so yummy, and the gravy for the fries is great too. Now I'm hungry. :)CL

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