South Park

I’ll post something else a little later today (after a bath, a spring clean, doing my shopping, paying my bills, answering a weeks worth of emails, etc, etc…).  But until then – a little picture of what I would look like if I were on an episode of South Park.

All Mery's and Bill Stickers fault.


12 thoughts on “South Park”

  1. Perfect. Even though I've never seen you, somehow I believe that this conveys exactly what you look like and what you feel like right now. Congratulations to the artists.

  2. OH, thank you thank you. I have spent my morning off South Parking my friends. I have a gallery of 22 images. A really well done site.

  3. Hey, people don't come here to see you spamming your site.I've just realised how much I should have put a cup of tea in my image when I made it.

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