10 thoughts on “Small Observation”

  1. “Behind the Ambulance Door” is quite bad. This is quite good, and does what B.A.D. does not – convey a bit of your tone / take / viewpoint / sense of humor.You can rely on the illustration, review, subtitle, or jacket cover to get across *what* it's about.

    Blood, Sweat and Tea – Life Behind the Ambulance Door or similar would even be better.

  2. Great. I like it a lot better than “Behind the Ambulance Door” because a lot of the things you write about don't actually happen inside the ambulance, do they?

  3. Nice title…. what about?A taste of reality

    Battling the grim reaper

    I've got the blues

    A different day

    Life and Death on the Streets

    Almost the long goodbye

  4. Yup. Much better than that other title. Really good, in fact. “Random acts of reality,” is still the best, as far as I'm concerned, but if your publishers don't think so, Blood, Sweat, and Tea is excellent.

  5. I like Wov title adaption Of Blood, Sweat and Tea – Life Behind the Ambulance Door, would get me having a closer look in the bookshop

  6. Other titles – An ambulance named DesireThe heat of the moment

    EMT on a Hot Tin Roof

    Beverley Hills 999

    Sorry, too much Radio 4.


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