10 thoughts on “Blogalyzer”

  1. Can I have one to ABSOLUTELY prevent me from accessing ebay whilst a little squiffy!! Would be worth its weight! The “misdemeanor” of posting whilst under the influence is as nothing compared with spending-lots-of-money-on-things-you-don't-want whilst in a similar condition!! – I tell you what – sell me one when I'm pissed! Bargain.

  2. Good idea, although that would cut out some of Dooce's funniest stuff as well.How about a breathalyzer that stops you from operating your cellphone and/or the cellphone camera while drunk?

  3. You would also need a device that either shows which of the three ikeyboards you can see to use, or one that knows which key you want and substitues that no matter which key you press. This could also have an alchometer so the higher the reading, the more intuitive it becomes as you are more likely to hit the wrong key when you are as the newt.

  4. Oh no no no. Bad plan. We would miss the morning-after self-censoring almost as much as the actual drunken posts…

  5. I'm noticing a trend a here…Women think it's a bad idea, while men seem to think the machines/devices/drunk-o-meters should be compulsary.

  6. yay! another dooce fan :)well, I guess Tom could invent the blogalyser as long as it didn't recognise tequila…

  7. no! one of the rewards of not drinking is laughing at the antics of those who do and remembering it the next day……studmuffin 😉

  8. Well, the problem wouldn't be as much that people wouldn't blog if they couldn't blog drunk, but that we wouldn't read the non-tipsy writings.

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