On The Radio Again

For those that are interested in such things – I’m talking to Brian Hayes on Radio 5 Live later tonight about ‘Employee Blogging’, mainly about how I believe that the management of the Metropolitan Police have made a huge balls-up in scaring off their police bloggers.  I should be on the show just after 11pm.

There is a bigger post about this issue in the pipeline.

9 thoughts on “On The Radio Again”

  1. 10.00pm. Finish work in IT suite.10.10pm. Wait outside for taxi.

    10.35pm. Taxi arives.

    10.50pm. Arrive home.

    10.55pm. Finish making coffee. Check eBay.

    10.59pm. Switch on radio.

    11.00pm. Time.

  2. I'm away this weekend on a stag do, so I won't be able to knock up a link to the relevant bit of the show for you. However, since last time you were on the radio, I've actually started to parcel it up into a little web app so that anyone can create the link :-)If you head over to the Real Clip Generator then you'll be able to build a link yourself.

    And if you haven't been able to make any sense of it come Monday, I'll do the honours for you 🙂

  3. 11pm on a friday night! Prime time radio that ;)I'm glad I got out of the game when I did.

    So how many plugs are you gonna get in for 'da book'?

  4. Want to listen, but can't atm.Will be making full use of the technology courtesy of Adrian!

    Go Tom!


  5. Finished work OK as I said in my previous post.Got home late after a delay.

    Missed program.

    Any chance of a transcript or a link to the actual audio?

    Sod's Law may not be reliable but it can be relied upon.

  6. I was invited to appear on the show, but politely declined. See my blog for the reasons why.The show can be heard on the “listen again” page on http://www.bbc.co.uk

    I'm recording it so I can listen to it tomorrow on the way to work

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