Not Too Drunk

Unlike other posts in recent memory, this is a non-drunken post.The previous post was written under pressure from my publishers. They were most impressed at my ability to post pictures directly from my mobile phone.
At no point was I attempting to impress any attractive young females.
Actually, the last sentence or two of my last post were scribbled by my publisher who, by some strange coincidence, was slighty the worse for wear for alcohol.
So I shall blame them…
In other news, the 'book of this blog' may not share this blog's name for purely commercial reasons. I'm also still awaiting numerous young women to start throwing themselves at me due to my recent posts…
I think I wait in vain…

7 thoughts on “Not Too Drunk”

  1. Not drunk = not posting about my lack of female attention/posting stuff that I will remember later in the morning.Not drunk (roughly) <= 6 pints of Stella/ 12 pints of John Smiths.

  2. I don't know how you can whinge about lack of attention when you get random chicks from Yorkshire sending you Wallace and Gromit DVDs???

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