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These are my lovely publishers. They have bought me alcohol and given me sexual favours. I like them a lot. I now give you over to these professional writers…

The following is written by my publisher…

As publisher I would like to say That I like the sexual favours bit but will consider anything.

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  1. Well yes – the middle one refused to keep drinking with her bosses, and really refused to let me escort her home.I mean – I'm a perfect gentleman in such situations.


  2. Hey I may be wrong, the way those three are looking at the camera I think Reynolds may be too exhausted to edit posts in the morning!

  3. Given the number of replies you've made to readers' comments, Tom, I think the only remark I can make is “Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much”.

  4. Well there's your problem right there! Any ladies on here who were interested will now be put off because you imply they'd have to be less bright than the publisher to have anything to do with you!(Yes I know that's twisting it but that's what some women will think! Ok so mainly neurotic ones but nonetheless…)

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