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  1. sorry to be very annoying and not be commenting on your actual post, I would call NHS direct but they once told me I'd dislocated my hip when all I wanted to know was if I could take ibuprofen (spelling?) with paracetamol for my stomach ache…any who…today about two hours after donating blood (what a lovely person I am and all that!) I collapsed, and one of the people who found me in the toilets, slumped attractively over the floor and a pile of soggy paper towels said I looked like I was having a seizure. My dad is epileptic he suffers from “grand Mal” seizures, at least I think thats the correct term, so I was taken to the doctors by my lovely new friend, who also gave me chocolate (I like her more and more!) at this point have to say I'm agreeing with your dislike of GPs. Or at least their receptionists. She made me go to a different surgery, I believe my precise phrase was something along the lines of “I just collapsed, There is a family history of epilepsy, you seriously want me to walk along a main road to another place and risk collapsing again?!!” so when I eventually saw a doctor he told me I have to go for blood tests to confirm that I didnt have a seizure….forgive me if I'm wrong at this point but 1. Dont you need a cat scan to diagnose epilepsy and 2. Wont taking more of my blood be more hassle/danger than it's worth?I'm sorry if this is a bit long/rambley/pointless, I scare easily and I have a BIG fear of needles (donating is my way of trying to get over it!) could I be very annoying and ask some advice on this one please? I'm not sure whether I should go for the blood tests as I don't want to waste any more of the doctors time – after all, there are people with paper cuts and potentially deadly broken nails out there!



  2. too frightening for words. I hope she ends up receiving the same level of care she gives. This home should be closed immediately.

  3. Horrifying – but having seen a halfwit amble to the phone stopping to pick something up of the floor while the rest of us are carrying out a crash resus ( and yelling out get a f*****g move on to the half wit concerned), unfortunately I can believe it.The half wit concerned then had the cheek to moan about being shouted at.

    So they got shouted at some more.

  4. blood tests won't *confirm* epilepsy but they can show indicators of it, and they can confirm possible reasons for a collapse other than epilepsy.Getting rid of more blood for tests isn't an issue – they only take a tiny amount, and you've already replaced that which was taken. However you may be advised to not donate any more, which is IMPORTANT, not just for your safety but for the safety of the recipients of the blood, not to mention everyone at the donation centre – they are there to get blood out of people, and if someone keels over into a bed/a table with needles on/half a dozen other patients, it causes a situation they could do without.

    Getting the blood tests “wastes” a few minutes of NHS time until they tell you what's up and either fix it or start controlling it. Not getting the blood tests, and continuing to collapse, takes up time for and is upsetting for:


    -your family

    -your friends

    -any passers-by who see you hit the deck and try desperately to remember their first aid

    -this includes your “lovely new friend” who has completely disrupted her day – next time you might not be so lucky

    -and whoever she was going to see that day

    -emergency doctors

    -an ambulance crew if a passerby calls 999

    -whoever's doing your laundry and trying to get out the stain of whatever you've landed in

    enough yet?

    Go get checked out before it becomes a real problem.

    (I'm not having a go, I pass out too)

  5. Agreed – Go and get the blood tests, it's not a waste of time and if they come back fine then you can rule out some nasty stuff.As it happened two hours after donating blood I'd suggest that it isn't anything serious, especially as it occured in the toilets..

    …you see, having a poo, and to a lesser extent having a wee, lowers your blood pressure and slows your heart rate. With less blood in your system than normal this may have been enough to cause you to faint. When people faint they sometimes jerk around, and this can look like a fit to someone who isn't used to these things.

    Also adults can have one fit 'out of the blue' and it doesn't mean anything.

    So my advice is to check it out but, given the circumstances, not to worry too much.

  6. erm, I wasn't actually on the toilet at the time! just to clear that up! was preparing to vomit violently, though wasn't sick!thanks for the advice, I managed to get in to see them today but they couldn't find a vein, I now look like a junkie have that many holes in my arm, she stabbed me about seven times!

    gonna be going again tomoro to see if i can get anything then!

  7. I've never called them Don't Care Homes either but I have frequently thought of the staff who 'run' them as don't-carers.

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