Faster Ambulances

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d like to be able to show you videos of my daily life.  I can’t do that, but I can do the next best thing…

An ambulance based joke from Channel Four’s “The IT Crowd”.

You can view it by clicking here (WMV file which may not work for some users).


“Better looking drivers” – I love it.

4 thoughts on “Faster Ambulances”

  1. it's about time you posted that :-Pthe 5th episode has aired, the series is almost over! can't wait for the second one though. Hopefully my friend in rochdale won't disappear again considering you can't get channel four in the us

  2. It's blocked from people not in the UK, so I'd still need a contact though. For some reason it's possible to download, but the page with the links to the files is blocked.

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