5 thoughts on “NHS Staff Abusers ‘Face Big Fine’”

  1. Jeez, does this mean I'm gonna have to stop telling the cheeky-shit paramedics to bugger off when I'm out observing then?

  2. we're currently getting abuse, not from patients/relatives…… but from a couple of consultants, that insist we park our vehicle away from “their” parking space – that their deign to be theirs, despite the fact this is NHS property.tomorrow i formally start the grievance process, maybe i should just call the cops instead.

  3. I think ambulance workers should be allowed to back the ambulance over these people… maybe a couple of times…(sorry, not in the spirit of the work they do I know but this type of thing makes me sooo mad!)

  4. i find it very interesting that the blog entry abut crap nurses in a nursing home, doing, or allegedly, not doing CPR, warranted 36 replies, but thumping nurses et al and the current plan to shot offenders or the such like, only got 3 replies.the current fun we are having with parking our NHS emergency vehicle, has escalated to an e-mail slanging match involving the chief exec of our hospital no less….. aren't grown men so much fun when a) they're consultants and b) they're throwing their teddies out of the cot 🙂

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