Ambulance Attacked

My brother let me know about this story and when I got home Mariamne had emailed me the link (as well as telling me about some awful nursing homes in America).

 Manchester United and Liverpool have issued a joint statement condemning the fans who attacked the ambulance taking Alan Smith to hospital at the weekend. Smith, 25, suffered a broken leg and a dislocated ankle during United's 1-0 FA Cup defeat at Anfield.

Reports in several newspapers on Thursday claimed the ambulance was surrounded by people who threw stones and bottles at it and even tried to rock it from side to side. The two paramedics – both Liverpool fans – were described as being “horrified” by the hostility shown once the culprits realised the occupants of the ambulance were Alan Smith and Manchester United's club doctor Mike Stone.

You can read more about it at the Guardian.

It really beggars all description, attacking an ambulance is just evil – even warring nations tend to not attack Red Cross ambulances, yet these ‘fans’ wanted to do serious harm to the people inside.  I’m just hoping that there is plenty of CCTV footage for the police to look at.

When I saw the picture of the footballer’s injury I instantly recognised it as a fractured dislocation, which is a very nasty injury.  He should be very grateful to the doctor that he was unaware of what was happening to him (I suspect that the doctor gave him some Ketamine).

Just a nasty business all round.

7 thoughts on “Ambulance Attacked”

  1. what the…huh?

    where does a plane crash 50 years ago enter the equation?

    I'm not a football person so I don't know who this man is or what he's done to annoy the liverpool fans, but surely his personal house or car or whatnot would be considered more of a target than the ambulance, property of the local NHS.

    1. It's utterly wrong in a moral sense

    2. Moral issues aside, it doesn't even make any sense!

  2. I think that if ambulances are attacked at football events then all football in that leage should be played closed doored. i know it would upset the 99% of law abiding footy fans, but it may a lot of peoples out look. and if they get the scrots that did it, games couple be reopened. now there a reward for going to the cop with info.

  3. That's horrible. I'm a football fan and while I enjoy good natured arguing with people who support rival teams, there's no excuse for attacking an ambulance. Especially when it contains 2 paramedics and a doctor who were just doing their jobs and a fairly badly injured young man. It makes no difference who they support or play for, in that situation nobody deserves that kind of treament.I hope that Liverpool FC will keep a close eye on all the fans from now on to try and track down this minority of bastards who try to spoil the enjoyment for the rest of us.

  4. I'm an EMT in a county not too far away from you, and ive been in the back of an ambulance with my crewmate, treating a patient, when we suddenly had bricks being lobbed at us by people wanting to get at the lad inside our ambulance. Very scary!!! It beggers belief what goes through these maniacs minds.

  5. What is it with the British football fanatics? They seem to wreak havoc wherever they go. Sort of like our pickup truck-drivin good ole boys who quit drinking beer only long enough to fall out and shoot some quail.

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