Chop Chop

Gordonjcp sent this link to me via email.

The auction is of a nice new car…after an encounter with a local ambulance and firefighter crew.

Thus the message is…don’t move people who have been in car crashes.

(Besides the worry about getting your car chopped up, it’s not good if they do have a neck or back injury –  I’m guessing the patient involved in this didn’t have a neck or back injury, but ambulances crews need to err on the side of caution).


6 thoughts on “Chop Chop”

  1. A friend of mine did the same as this guy. the roof had to come off, but he drove it home with the roof on after it. No it was not a convertable, it was a defender. quick bolt removal roof off no cutting.

  2. Its the quickest way to sort out insurance claim injuries from real ones. “Ok sir.If you just hold still theses nice men from the fire brigade are going to cut your roof off”

  3. Anyone else notice that the trunk is forcibly popped as well? Makes me suspect that the story's a bit of a stretch. Or is that common practice on your side of the pond?

  4. Having got myself registered (to comment on recent GP story) I can now thank you for brightening a wet and miserable winter day with this wonderful schadenfreude story. I don't suppose the guy it happened to enjoyed it at the time, but if he's gt a GSOH he's going to have lots of fun telling people about it. Now, thanks to Random Acts of Reality, lots more people can also enjoy telling people about it – but without the pain.

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