Bill Stickers Saved A Life

Another fine post from Bill Stickers today, as he writes about saving the life of a driver.

See how far you get through the post before you can guess a diagnosis, Bill’s writing is so clear I guessed what it was once he described the patient.

As I mention in a comment on this post, it’s a good thing that he came along when he did, as without him acting ‘outside of protocols’ the driver would now be dead.  It’s good to see someone making an effort for the sake of another human being.

Congratulations Bill!

3 thoughts on “Bill Stickers Saved A Life”

  1. Great post on Walking the Streets! Thanks for the link. He's bookmarked. (His comments don't seem to be working. Haloscan may be down.)It makes me wonder that every single human, helpful thing he did was “outside of protocol.” It's not the first time I've seen this, my own life included. There's a brain rot at the core of all our bureaucracies, corporate as well as government. Why isn't a clever management type looking at this?

  2. the post has left wondering why not many people have left many comments on this?the guy saved a life by being nosey perhaps we could take a look at our selves for this and start looking outside of the box and step out of our comfort zones .

    or is it that he's a traffic warden?


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