Da Book Is Away

I’ve finished the first draft of ‘Da Book’ and have sent it off to the publishers who will no doubt return it with lots of red marking all over it and a huge letter from the lawyers asking for a thousand and one changes.

I’m still not satisfied with it though – especially the introduction.

Oh well…

I’m also a fair bit nervous, will my publishers like it?  Will they laughingly throw it in the bin?  Will I look like a complete idiot with ideas above my station?  Who knows – the die has been cast.

My hands are now soaking in a bucket of ice and dreading the thought of a second/third/fourth draft.

Time for a little relaxation before I head off to work.

9 thoughts on “Da Book Is Away”

  1. Congratulations, Studmuffin!!! :-DI realize you're not yet done-done, but still…very *very* cool.

    Many of us are ridiculously proud of you!

  2. You've got a big readership here, you keep us entertained and informed (Enterformed?), It's clear that you have the skill.It'll be fine, relax…

  3. Well it is added to my wish list on Amazon already :)I am off on honeymoon to the beaches of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod in May, and this is destined for my honeymoon reading!

    I can see the scenario now, hubby2be trying to tempt me into an early night and me replying 'hold on, Tom is just saving someone!'

  4. The blatent whoring will start when I have a cover… It's something I've been thinking about and am trying to learn from the sort of stuff Warren Ellis talks about (although for him it's the covers of comics).I'm pondering a lot these days.

  5. I'm looking forward to it too.BTW have you seen on Amazon it says “Customers interested in this book may also be interested in…….Tesco Breakdown Cover.”

    Something you're not saying?

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