Valentine’s Day

First off…
…Bah Humbug.

(It's not just for Christmas).

I've just finished with a job that makes me question this whole 'love' idea.

I'm sent to an alcoholic who has just had an epileptic fit and I arrive to find his fiancè looking very worried.

She tells me, “I've known him for ten months and I've only seen him fit once, so I'm afraid I got scared and called for an ambulance”.

I reassure her that this isn't a problem, and that she has done the right thing.

I look after the patient, it's an easy job and I spend some time waiting for the ambulance to arrive (I was 'single', so I was asked to work on the RRU, the alternative was to work out of Waterloo station).

I look around the room they are staying in. It's not what you would call 'homely', it's the typical house of a young alcoholic (he's the same age as me). Cans of cheap cider are laying around the place, there is no furniture apart for a settee and a T.V, empty cigarette packets litter the floor and the pictures haven't been mounted on the walls.

There is an axe leaning against the fireplace.

His fiancè is young and not obviously unattractive, she doesn't seem particularly stupid and she doesn't look like a fellow alcoholic. So I'm confused as to why she would want to marry an alcoholic? I'm afraid it just befuddles me as to how you can 'love' someone who loves their next drink more than you.

In any partnership you will come second to an open bottle of cider.

I just don't understand.

Maybe I'm just emotionally stunted?

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. how you can 'love' someone who loves their next drink more than you.Well, the text book reasons are 1) she thinks she's the angel who'll save him, or 2) she thinks she's worthless and is thrilled this rough tough guy is interested in her. Did either of those seem remotely plausible “on the ground”?

  2. No matter how ridiculous anyone is, there is always someone who will marry them.I knew, for a while, a schizophrenic with suspected munchausens. As such she saw nothing wrong in any of her actions. She lives in a fantasy world of lies. Pretending to be a widow when she was never even married to the guy and hes probably still alive somewhere. Made stories of having travelled to nearly every country in the world, yet she had never had a passport. Taking masses amount of benefit under false pretences. Picking up me for one-night stands. Having it off with someone she picked up in a pub then never seeing him again. Mostly was her violent temper. Anytime I disagreed with her, she exploded in four letter abusive rage, picking up things and throwing them at me until I saw her point of view. (She was ALWAYS right) She had five children and only the two eldest had the same father. She only saw them three times a year and that was at a highly supervised Social Service meeting. Then on Sundays she put on a Salvation Army uniform and went to church.

    She married three years ago. How? Because hes an ignorant wimp who would rather be married to anyone, even Satans daughter, than have the ignominy of being stuck on the shelf.


  3. We see this all the time in the Maternity – women who stick with guys who batter them senseless, cos a Thug is better than no man at all.They look down on those of us who are single – and think WE are the failures.

  4. Very, very true, some women buy into the idea that any man is better than no man.Some women know this is not true and true self-love and positive affirmation goes a long way and actually helps in getting a man or (wo) man whatever your bag.

    However, there are also some women who do truly love, in the truest sense of the word their booze, drug, food, raddled addicted man, and will …. bursts into song '…stand by their man…' each to their own.


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